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Fan Art Museum
Gone For a Burton Pre-mixdown
By: Rob Bassist

Well, I love the film. First time I saw it when I was 7 years old with my dad when we'd just finished repairing a V2000 video recorder in I think in 1978 (he started me early with repairs!). After that I admired Richard Burtons voice and acting ever since. I also fancied Mary Ure like mad too! I must have watched the film 50 times since! I love the way the plot twists and turns and it took me a few years to fully understand it at the time.
The music track was written near 3 years back and was shelved for future use because I didn't know what to do with it..
Then I thought to use samples as it was just one of those tracks that was recorded on the fly as it were but wanted a theme where the light and shade of the music would fit nicely with samples. I do like Richard Burtons tongue-in-cheek manner and his forcefulness so I thought WEG would be an ideal film to sample and have fun with.  
I had a real laugh stitching the samples together and hope I've kind of created enough for peoples imagination to realise what's going on! There were loads more WEG samples I wanted to use but just couldn't fit them in neatly so who knows I may create another track in the future with different music....

//Rob Bassist

Where Eagles Dare dioramas
By: Fabax

Fabax is French and a big fan of Where Eagles Dare. He customizes action figure and made diorama of the Sabotage scene in scale 1/72.

The soldiers are customized Airfix "German moutain troop" from the early 80's, with MP 40 from Italeri "German stormtrooper". The side car is a Hazegawa BMW. All the rest is totally "scratch" polystyrene extrude, false snow, wood,"green stuff", some spare of plastic card, etc....

He has also made a model of the Junkers JU-52 in an Italeri 1/72 scale as well as a diorama over the cable car scene.

His latest work is the "silent attack". The Actions figure are the German soldier and German motorcycle pilot from Indiana Jones Hasbro 2008.

Daring Eagles
By: The Loof-tenant

Nice artwork submitted by The Loof-tenant.

The Adventures of Geoff Half-Shark-Half-Octopus
By: Ben Naylor

Hi there.
Here is some artwork I did for a comic I drew called The Adventures of Geoff half-Shark-Half-Octopus. Its basically based on my life only with a weird sea-creature instead of myself as the main character. Being a huge fan of WED it seemed natural to have Geoff fantasise about being the Richard Burton character as a kid, much as I did.
I hope you like it,
Ben Naylor

My vision of Where Eagles Dare
By: Unknown

We've got this image a long time ago, long before we even got this section, so unfortunately the name of the artist is forgotten. Anyway, here is this unknown artist's art work!