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Jan 30
Actor Ferdy Mayne died this date 1998.

Feb 2
Screenwriter Alistair MacLean died this date 1987.

Feb 5
On this day, 69 years ago, Richard Burton married his first wife Sybil Williams.

"Oberhausen Airfield" in the picture is the Austrian Aigen/Ennstal military airfield. The exact place of filming is the "Fiala-Fernbrugg" garrison, which is still intact and used by HS Geschwader 2 and FlAR2/3rd Bat. of the Austrian army. The gage where the bus breaks through the fence, has actually never been the maingate - just a small entrance for the personnel. The big rocky mountain in the background (while the take-off is seen from the back) is the Grimming mountains, about 40km east from the "Dachstein", or about 80 km east and 10km South from Werfen.

Elizabeth Taylor, married twice with Where Eagles Dare star Richard Burton, has died, her publicist told CNN on Wednesday March 23, 2011. She was 79.
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Ingrid Pitt, wellknowed for her role as Heidi in Where Eagles Dare, died 23 november 2010, aged 73.
Where Eagles Dare producer Elliott Kastner died June 20, 80 years old.
Where Eagles Dare has been released on Blu-ray. It has been released in a single edition as well as in a Action Double Feature edition together with Kelly's heroes. You find both editions in our shop!
It's now possible to add an avatar to your profile in the Web Boards. Please, join the discussions!
The UK film magazine Empire has been running a competition where readers do a 60 second remake of any film, and this year there is a minute-long spoof of Where Eagles Dare. And it has been chosen as one of the finalists. You can see the film at number 14 here ( and if you like it, please vote for it!
You find a new music track, with samples from Where Eagles Dare, by Rob Bassist in the Fan Art Museum
The Hailsham Film Club are screening Where Eagles Dare on the 8th December 2009 (7.30pm) at the Pavilion Cinema Hailsham East Sussex. For more information please see or
The new Web Boards are now installed and fully functional. I will improve the layout, but please register, post and discuss in the meanwhile! You find the forum at or in the Fans Area.

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