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Ian McCulloch
Occupation: Uncredited Actor
Birthdate: May 5, 1939
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland
Character: German Officer VI

Sandy haired, authoritarian looking UK born actor who achieved minor cult status via his appearance as "Greg Preston" in the cult BBC TV series "Survivors" (1975) about a genetically engineered germ plague that nearly wipes out the entire population of the earth, plus McCullough also starred in several notoriously violent Italian made horror films of the early 1980's that were part of the "video nasty" controversy within the UK. McCullough was the male lead in the Romero inspired Zombi 2 (1979) aka "Zombie Flesh Eaters" directed by Lucio Fulci, he was back battling more living dead in Zombi Holocaust (1980) aka "Dr Butcher MD" directed by Marino Girolami, and then McCullough took on interplanetary invaders in the Alien (1979) rip-off Contamination (1980) directed by Luigi Cozzi.

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