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Vincent Ball
Occupation: Actor
Birthdate: January 01, 1924
Birthplace: Wee Waa, New South Wales, Australia
Education: Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Character: WingCommander Cecil Carpenter

Vincent Ball is an Australian born actor. He came to England as a ship's deck hand and started to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art almost immediately upon arrival. The Blue Lagoon was one of his first movies in which he was a stunt double. But after a few years he was featured on his own in movies like Stop Press Girl, The Drayton Case and A Town Like Alice. In the early 1960s Ball became a fixture of medium-budget action films, thanks to his street-tough handsomeness and pugnacious personality. He returned to Australia in the early 1970s and stared in Australian films like Breaker Morant, The Southern Cross and Phar Lap.

Selected Films
Interrupted Journey, The - 1949
Warning to Wantons, A - 1949
Stop Press Girl - 1949
Come Dance with Me - 1950

Black Rider, The - 1954
Devil's Point - 1954
Blue Peter - 1955
Town Like Alice, A - 1957

Robbery Under Arms - 1957
Blood of the Vampire - 1958
Breakout - 1959
Navy Heroes - 1959

Identity Unknown - 1960
Coming-Out Party, A - 1961
Highway to Battle - 1961
Matter of Who, A - 1962

Mouse on the Moon, The - 1963
Follow That Camel - 1967
Where Eagles Dare - 1969
Oh! What a Lovely War - 1969

Not Tonight Darling - 1972
Demolition - 1977
Breaker Morant - 1980
Phar Lap - 1983

Highest, The - 1984
Year My Voice Broke, The - 1988
Muriel's Wedding - 1994
Sirens - 1994

User Comments:

John Hobson (2010-11-17)
Almost a fixture on Sixties Brit tv. I never realised he was an Aussie until he went home and again became almost a standard fitting during the growth of Australian movies.
Rod Hart (2012-01-09)
Rod Hart lived in Lyminge in Kent till 1977. Rod is pleased to see that Vincent is still alive and kicking. Remembering the wild parties in Lyminge at Ottinge. Rod and his wife Sue will be in visiting Oz at the end of January this year and will keep their eyes openn for him!
Bob McLachlan (2012-06-28)
I remember Vincent Ball from the 50s and noted that he seemed to be in every second English movie that I saw. I liked him and realised he had that perfect Aussie accent which only an Aussie does well. He deserved bigger roles because he was personable and natural, an ideal combination. I am pleased that he is still alive. I note that he was in "The Irishman", a film in which my brother Don did the solo riding scenes. Good on you , Vincent.
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