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Derren Nesbitt
AKA: Derry Nesbitt
Occupation: Actor
Birthdate: June 19, 1935
Birthplace: England
Character: Major von Hapen

Derren Nesbitt is a British actor that came to films in the late '50s. A time when crude and cruel characters were popular in English movies. Derren Nesbitt's looks were perfect for these roles and he got lorts of roles in movies where the producers needed a sadistic heavy or petty thief. Among Nesbett's films were Room at the Top, Victim, The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, The Naked Runner (in which he and most of the supporting cast were nastily killed off in the first two reels) and Burke and Hare. Nesbitt was married with the film star Anne Aubrey and their acrimonious divorce in 1973 made headlines. Some observers have speculated that his career never fully recovered from the adverse publicity. But 1974 Nesbitt was back in Amorous Milkman. A film he wrote, directed and was starring in.

Selected Films
Silent Enemy, The - 1958
Room at the Top - 1959
Sword of Sherwood Forest - 1960
In the Nick - 1960

Man in the Backseat, The - 1961
Victim - 1962
Strongroom - 1962
Life in Danger - 1964

Underworld Informers - 1965
Amorous Adventure of Moll Flanders, The - 1965
Blue Max, The - 1966
Operation Third Form - 1966

Naked Runner, The - 1967
High Commissioner, The - 1968
Where Eagles Dare - 1969
Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies - 1969

Burke and Hare - 1971
Get Charlie Tully - 1972
Ooh, You Are Awful - 1972
Innocent Bystanders - 1973

Not Now, Comrade - 1975
Give Us Tomorrow - 1979
Saint and the Brave Goose, The (TV) - 1981
Funny Money - 1982

Guns and the Fury, The - 1983
Eat the Rich - 1987
Fatal Sky - 1990
Bullseye! - 1990

His father is comedian Harry Nesbitt.
He is divorced from his first wife Anne Aubrey.

Web: Derren Nesbitt fan site

User Comments:

Dave (2003-11-07)
Hasn't Derren Nesbitt got a very amusing bottom lip? Is there a possibility of a closet gay relationship with Colonel Kraumer?
Schneider (2003-12-29)
Me and a mate of mine are big fans of Major von Hapen. There should have been an extra Major von Hapen movie, maybe a porn film where he gets on Fräulein Maria and Fräulein Heidi. "I want to see you Fräulein, zis is not a crime!" For me the film is over when he got shot. Schneider
george (2004-03-13)
ze greatest nazi impersonating actor ever.frightening and funny...
Phil (2004-06-01)
Derren has been on tour in the UK recently in a play - wish I'd seen it!
James (2005-02-08)
Lives in Worthing of all places apparently.
I can imagine him sitting in the Wetherspoons saying to people, 'I used to know Frank Sinatra etc....'
Glad to know he is still working and hasn't gone into absolute obscurity like Edward Judd - also does loads of voice overs.
broadsword (2005-03-12)
What a superb actor... if only himmler could have seen where eagles dare- derren carries the part off so convincingly, that old heinrich would have been bowled over!
pst- a youthful derren and hardy kruger... seperated at birth?
Bob Shaw (2005-06-19)
Just sent an E card to my mate to remind him which side of the square the cathedral is on in Dusseldorf.

Derren is appearing at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow in early September 2005. The play is a thriller and lets hope he doesn't cop it half way through.
ALAN CLIFFORD (2005-08-05)
wendy (2005-08-17)
just sitting here watching where eagles dare - derren....what a guy - star of the film !!!
Dave (2005-08-23)
Derren was born for the part, he looks and sounds like what you would expect a nasty, sadistic and slimey, (when chatting up Mary) nazi to be like. Agree with others, shame he gets shot.
Heather Bann (2005-09-24)
I have just seen Derren Nesbitt in 'Wait until Dark' in the Opera House Belfast. He stole the show. I have not seen him in anything for years and thought his acting to be excellent. While the whole cast were very good, he was the ultimate proffessional very messacing and brilliantly cast in the role he played.
cherie and annette (2005-11-09)
we new derren when he was in australia... and we would LOVE to hear from him again. so if any one has any way of contact to him that would be much appreciated... send to
thanks alot!!
Gary Powell (2006-06-04)
Quentin has made it well known that one of his favourite movies of all time is Where Eagles Dare ('the best men on a mission movie' he claims). There has been talk that once he got Kill Bill out of the way, he would then resume work on his homage to that film, calling it 'Inglorious Bastards'.

If you are reading this Quentin or his agent, I propose that he should give a part to English actor Derren Nesbitt, who was so memorable as Major von Hapon, the Gestapo officer in Where Eagles Dare and thereby creating a nice link between the two pictures.

I would love to see Derren playing a similar creepy role, maybe as an older Nazi General in this movie. He can certainly nail that accent!

So today I start my online campaign to get Derren Nesbitt in Quentin's World War II epic.

Bill Newman (2006-06-09)
Derren is an excellent bloke. My wife and I have cleaned for him and his family for some years and you couldn't meet nicer people.
nell (2007-02-13)
I knew Derren also when he was in Australia as I grew up with his wife at the time Suzanna Bonna (real name Susanne Froggley). He was very partial to the bottle and ended up pulling all their furniture out on the lawn and setting it on fire. He was a roar of a person though and being married to Sue (as I know her) would have driven me to the brink of insanity also.
Ran Morgan (2008-03-06)
My absolute hero! He's a complete legend. Many of my friends think I look like Major von Hapen, but I reckon he's much better looking. I often quote some of the chat up lines he used on Mary, when I'm sharking chicks. It never fails. He was one smooth operator!
James (2008-04-07)
The film lost its sparkle when they killed off Von Hapen's character way too soon. They should have kept him on the tails of Burton and Eastwood's characters until the climatic end. Nesbitt was born to play that part, and could play an SS officer is many other films as well, at any age. Is he currently married or have children?
frank fisher  (2008-09-14)
derren is not so nice in real life.. dont be fooled he looks like a thunder bird puppet !!!!!
hilton1949 (2008-09-14)
Derren Nesbitt (born Derren Horwitz in London on June 19, 1935) is an English actor who was in demand in the 1960s and 1970s for roles that combined the muscular and the debonair, sometimes as Nazi German villains in films centred around the events of the Second World War. Derren played the Gestapo officer Major von Hapen in Where Eagles Dare. He was almost blinded during the making of the film when the squibs in his chest blew upwards instead of outwards when filming his death scene.
joy (2009-12-08)
he looked smarter in that gestapo uniform....much smarter than our heroes!!!
Marco (2011-10-20)
Oh yes, Derren is a very gay boy and no mistake. Right up my street! But not literally, of course.
TERRIER (2011-11-16)
Major Von Hapen forever!
Amy (2012-01-13)
You can now follow Derren on twitter!/DerrenNesbitt
jim heron (2012-06-10)
where did derren get those lips on where eagles dare did he have someone elses as well
jim heron (2012-06-10)
great actor wasted on poor parts just been watching him on blue max he always seem to act as a german officer
Martin Wells (2013-05-06)
My wife Angeleen & I watch Where Eagles Dare time & time again, often repeating Von Hapens line ..I sought ze Casseedral vozz on ze uzzer side of ze sqvare. The distracting chill it creates makes her laugh every time.
Tortured old man by Cheech (2013-11-14)
Sign zee papers old man, just sign zee papers. They are merely a statement that you have not been mistreated vile you have been here. Now sign zee papers old man.
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