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Olga Lowe
Occupation: Actress
Character: Lieutenant Anne-Marie Schwartz

Selected Films
State Secret - 1950
Hotel Sahara - 1951
So Little Time - 1953
Oh... Rosalinda!! - 1955

Avengers, The (TV-series) - 1961
Where Eagles Dare - 1969
Persuaders!, The (TV-series) - 1971
Steptoe and Son Ride Again - 1973

Carry on Abroad - 1973
Don't Drink the Water (TV-series) - 1974
Return of the Saint (TV-series) - 1978
Riddle of the Sands, The - 1979

Nijinsky - 1980
East Enders (TV-series) - 1985
Hercule Poirot's Christmas (TV) - 1994
Cous-cous - 1996

Olga was the actress on stage with Sid James when he died of a heart attack, in 1978. The theatre was the Empire, Sunderland, and the play was The Mating Game.

User Comments:

michael fellows (2004-10-28)
Hi i am looking for my family and i hope you can help olga lowe was married to my grandfathers brother, i believe he moved to america and i don't know his first name but the surname was todd and he was a model post 2nd world any info would be gratefully recieved
olga lowe (2009-07-29)
hi michael just picked up ur msg, olga married to peter todd in 1960 divorced in 1962 and went to the us thats all the info there is
kevin gilbert (2009-11-01)
does anybody have a e mail address fo olga lowe
Susan Ray (2010-08-30)
This may not be the same Olga but I am trying to trace my cousin Keith Morris who was/is married to an Olga Lowe
Richard Anthony Baker (2010-09-11)
Olga is married to Keith Morris. I know how to contact them ...
G. Recardo (2011-06-03)
Met them both today.Will be seeing them both next week :)
simon anderson (2012-01-28)
i am looking 4 a fan address 2 write to olga lowe can anyone help as i am a huge carry on fan thank y
Ray (27-4.2013) (2013-04-27)
I had the great pleasure to meet Olga yesterday, as I performed at a retirement home in Thames Meade.
Clive Millman  (2013-06-05)
Richard I lived next door to Keith Morris & his parents Eric & Jessie Morris when I was growing up. Would you be able to tell me how I can contact him
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