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Clint Eastwood
Occupation: Actor
Also: Director, Producer, Composer
Birthname: Clinton Eastwood, Jr.
Birthdate: May 31, 1930
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Education: Los Angeles City College (business)
Character: Lieutenant Morris Schaffer

Clinton Eastwood Jr was born in San Francisco 1930 and grew up in Depression-era California. His parents were itinerant workers. After he high school he worked as a lumberjack in Oregon, played honky-tonk piano. He also worked for the US Army as a swimming instructor. After these period of jobs hes started to study business at Los Angeles College.

He signed for Universal and had his first experience with the indignities suffered by actors in a "Francis the Talking Mule" movie, Francis in the Navy. After starring in many B-movies he moved to New York and got the role as the trail boss Rowdy Yates in the sucessful TV series Rawhide. His TV experience and lots of training helped him develop the minimalist acting style for which he is famous. This was first seen in a trilogy of Spaghetti westerned directed by Sergio Leone in Spain: A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The good, the bad and the ugly. These movies made Eastwood an international star. After the Spaghetti Westerns he played "Dirty" Harry Callahan, the cop of Don Siegel's Dirty Harry. Dirty Harry was a policeman who found it easier to shoot suspects than to interrogate them.

Eastwood became a star for his roles in action movies, but he also starred in severeal popular comedies, like Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can. Clint Eastwood's next star vehicle, In the Line of Fire, was a great success and passed the $100 million mark i just a few month. He directed his next subsequent feature, A Perfect World. The cast included, except him self, Kevin Costner and his seven year-old hostage/companion. His latest movies includes the romatic movie The Bridges of Madison County (where he starred against Merryl) and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Selected Films
Francis in the Navy - 1955
Lady Godiva - 1955
Never Say Goodbye - 1956
Fistful of Dollars, A - 1964

For a Few Dollars More - 1966
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The - 1966
Hang 'em High - 1968
Where Eagles Dare - 1969

Kelly's Heroes - 1970
Dirty Harry - 1971
Play Misty for Me - 1971
Magnum Force - 1973

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot - 1974
Escape from Alcatraz - 1979
Any Which Way You Can - 1980
Sudden Impact - 1983

Tightrope - 1984
City Heat - 1984
Pale Rider - 1985
Heartbreak Ridge - 1986

Pink Cadillac - 1989
Rookie, The - 1990
Unforgiven - 1992
Perfect World, A - 1993

In the Line of Fire - 1993
Bridges of Madison County, The - 1995
Absolute Power - 1997
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - 1997

Clint has won two Academy Award®, out of three nominations:
    1992 - Unforgiven (Director)
    1992 - Unforgiven (Producer)
    1992 - Unforgiven (Actor - nominated)

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User Comments:

tom finucane (2003-01-20)
you missed out one of clints classic films 'kelly's heroes' in 1972
Nick Abbot (2003-09-25)
More than one film was missed. The most upto date list that I have seen is as follows: Mystic River (2003) Blood Work (2002) Space Cowboys (2000) True Crime (1999) Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997) Absolute Power (1997) The Bridges of Madison County (1995) A Perfect World (1993) In The Line of Fire (1993) Unforgiven (1992) The Rookie (1990) White Hunter, Black Heart (1990) Pink Cadillac (1989) Bird (1988) The Dead Pool (1988) Heartbreak Ridge (1986) Pale Rider (1985) Tightrope (1984) City Heat (1984) Sudden Impact (1983) Honkytonk Man (1982) Firefox (1982) Any Which Way You Can (1980) Bronco Billy (1980) Escape From Alcatraz (1979) Every Which Way But Loose (1978) The Gauntlet (1977) The Enforcer (1976) The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) The Eiger Sanction (1975) Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) Magnum Force (1973) Breezy (1973) High Plains Drifter (1973) Joe Kidd (1972) Dirty Harry (1971) Play Misty For Me (1971) The Beguiled (1971) Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970) Kelly's Heroes (1970) Paint Your Wagon (1969) Where Eagles Dare (1969) Coogan's Bluff (1968) Hang'em High (1968) The Witches (1966) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966) For A Few Dollars More (1965) A Fistful of Dollars (1964) Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) Lafayette Escadrille (1958) Escapade in Japan (1957) Star in the Dust (1956) The First Traveling Saleslady (1956) Away All Boats (1956) Never Say Goodbye (1956) Tarantula! (1955) Lady Godiva (1955) Francis in the Navy (1955) Revenge of the Creature (1955) This list comes from:
tom (2005-03-12)
As "liuetenent schaefer" , I must say that his attitude about his movie role assisting the brits was on e that left me heavily amused -Major schmidt tellin ghim little by little until he could fully trust Schaefer I guess....(?)....the movie certainly was indeed "where eagle s dare " all is such a classic....we really need something like it again...!
maria (2012-07-23)
give us more dirty harry i love them
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