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Ivor Dean
Occupation: Uncredited Actor
Birthdate: August 10, 1917
Birthplace: England, UK
Died: August 10, 1974(Truro Cornwall, England, UK)
Character: German Officer II

For many TV-viewers the Shakespeare actor Ivor Dean is most well known for his role as the chief inspector of Scotland Yard, Claud Eustace Teal, in the British TV-series the Saint, also starring Roger Moore. He played the role of the always candy sucking inspector between the years of 1963 and 1969. During the sixties he also made guest appearances in The Avengers and The Persuaders!.

Dean had his biggest success with the role of Long John Silver in the miniseries Die Schatzinsel (1966), a German adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson novel the Treasure Island. Few actors have managed to play that role as accurate as Dean. The series won the “Perla-TV-price” at the Film and TV festival in Mailand 1967. After the success of Die Schatzinsel Ivor Dean started to work on a manuscript for a sequel. But when he died in 1974 the project was no more than a manuscript. Only in 1985 the TV-series Return to Treasure Island, based on Dean’s manuscript, premiered. But the atmosphere from the original TV-series could not be achieved by the absence Ivor Dean.

Selected Films
Doctor at Large - 1957
Operation Conspiracy - 1957
Avengers, The (TV-series) - 1961
Scarlet Pimpernel, The (TV-series) - 1961

Girl on a Roof - 1961
Saint, The (TV-series) - 1962
Gaolbreak (TV-series) - 1962
Front Page Story (TV-series) - 1965

Schatzinsel, Die (TV-series) - 1966
Theatre of Death - 1966
No, That's Me Over Here (TV-series) - 1967
Sourcerers, The - 1967

Stranger in the House - 1967
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width (TV) - 1967
Magnum for Schneider, A (TV) - 1967
Decline and Fall... of a Bird Watcher - 1968

Salt and Pepper - 1968
Where Eagles Dare - 1969
Crooks and Coronets - 1969
File of the Golden Goose, The - 1969

Randal and Hopkirk (Deceased) (TV-series) - 1969
Oblong Box, The - 1969
Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins, The - 1971
Jason King (TV-series) - 1971

Both Ends Meet (TV-series) - 1972
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde - 1972
Up the Workers (TV-series) - 1973
Return to Treasure Island (TV-series) - 1985

His spouse was actress Patricia Hamilton

User Comments:

Josef Richter (2003-11-19)
Hello, I`m looking for information about Ivor Dean, but it is very difficult to find somthing. Who know where can I find his grave ? I am a great fan and intend to give my condolence to him. Does his grave still exist after thirty years ? Please give me an email !
Phil (2004-06-01)
Can anyone tell me how he managed to film "Return To Treasure Island 11 years AFTER he died......?
Wilfried Wittkowsky (2004-12-27)
to the comment on Ivor Dean regarding the sequel to "Treasure Island" (1966):
Ivor Dean wrote a script together with director Robert S. Baker for a sequel, to be called "Return to Treasure Island", that indeed went into production in 1985. But Dean could no longer play in that sequel, as he died on August 10th, 1974. The role of Long John Silver then was played by Brian Blessed.
cara rushton (2005-07-08)
Ivor was my grandfather and although he passed before i was born I am extremely proud of all he achieved. i do not find The comment from PHIL amusing.
Josef Richter (2008-09-06)
Hello,the birthdate is the 21st Dec.1917!
les andrew (2010-08-13)
Ivors performances were the perfect foil for Roger Moore.He was believable and as a viewer you always felt he had a grudging respect for the Saint. A very fine actor .
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