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Richard Beale
Occupation: Uncredited Actor
Character: German Radio Operator II

Selected Films
Doctor Who (TV-series) - 1963
Caves of Steel, The - 1964
Where Eagles Dare - 1969
Clouds of Witness (TV-series) - 1972

Madame Bovary (TV-series) - 1975
Four Feathers, The (TV) - 1977
Silver Blaze (TV) - 1977
Blake's 7 (TV-series) - 1978

Horseman Riding By, A (TV-series) - 1978
Love in a Cold Climate (TV-series) - 1980
Bergerac (TV-series) - 1981
Patter of Roses, A (TV) - 1983

Camille (TV) - 1984
One by One (TV-series) - 1984
Return to Treasure Island (TV-series) - 1985
East Enders (TV-series) - 1985

Lovejoy (TV-series) - 1986
Handful of Dust, A - 1988
Bit of a Do, A (TV-series) - 1989
Poirot (TV-series) - 1989

Treasure Island (TV) - 1990
Hedd Wyn - 1992
Touch of Frost, A (TV-series) - 1992
Peak Practice (TV-series) - 1993

Family Money (TV-series) - 1997
Food of Love - 1997
Sins, The (TV-series) - 2000
Aka Albert Walker - 2002

User Comments:

Craig A. Dickens (2003-02-15)
What a website! I could have dropped these lines anywhere but I've chosen here for a very specific reason: In the moments preceeding the scene where Lt.Schaeffer enters the radio room where sits Richard Beale, there is (as all you WED fans will remember) the most wonderful, if somewhat distorted, strains of mass strings playing a teutonic tune I have yet to name - the gentle melody in perfect juxtaposition with the tension of our allies trying to sneak undetected through the corridors of the Schloss Adler. The music in this movie and the skill in where and when it is used is a major contributor as to why Where Eagle's Dare is among my three favourite movies of all time (The Guns of Navarone & Das Boot being the others). Whether it is Ron Goodwin, or Dimitri Tiomkin, or Klaus Doldinger, music in so many ways makes the movies. However, I think it is the overall carefully woven artistry of WED that makes it so great. If anyone would like to e-mail me to discuss WED, please feel free. I would welcome the conversation.
rob (2011-10-11)
I agree with you about the music. My - very slight - connection with WED is that Richard Beale lives near me in Somerset: I used to be a delivery boy to his house many years ago.
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