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Mary Ure
Occupation: Actress
Birthdate: February 18, 1933
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland
Education: Central School of Speech and Drama, London
Died: April 5, 1975(London, Great Britain)
Character: Mary Ellison

Mary Ure was born in Glasgow 1933. She starred in only 9 films, when she loved the theathre. She starred in most of her films just to please her husbands. In 1959 she starred as Alison Porter in Look Back in Anger, written by her first husband John Osborne. She had already played that part on stage. In Custer of the West she showed up as Mrs George Armstrong. In that film Robert Shaw, her second husband, also starred. For her performance in the film version of Sons and Lovers, she was nominated for an Academy Award 1960. She starred in American plays, like A View from the Bride and the Crucible, on London stages. Short after the first opening of a play in London 1975, Mary Ure died accidently after consuming whisky and tranquilizers. When she died she was 43-years-old.

Selected Films
Storm Over the Nile - 1956
Windom's Way - 1957
Look Back in Anger - 1958
Sons and Lovers - 1960

Mind Benders, The - 1962
Luck of Ginger Coffey, The - 1964
Custer of the West - 1968
Where Eagles Dare - 1969

Reflection of Fear, A - 1973

Mary Ure has been nominated for an Academy Award® one time:
    1960 - Sons and Lovers (Supporting Actress)
She had 4 children with Robert Shaw, and 4 stepchildren.

User Comments:

veljko terzic (2003-09-28)
i just want to say that i think she was wonderfull actress and i am sorry because of early death
Matthias (2004-09-10)
Just for the record, Mary Ure was as well nominated for a Golden Globe Award (1961) for her play in Sons&Lovers. I'd like to agree to Veljko that she was very beautiful, and that it is a big pity she died so early at only 43 years. I liked much to watch her face, and acting, and her amazing blond hairs too. By the way: great site this is! Good luck, regards to all WED fans!
tom (2005-03-12)
this movie could not hav e done without her 2 especially favorite scenes wa swith "major Schmidt" in the mountain top cabin, where Richard Burton and she are embraced....:"I thought you were in ahurry?" she asks...he replies;"I am-aren't you?"
That classic date with Major Van Harten in the tavern was quite dramatic of the scarier scenes of the movie where she accidently tells van harten that (whatever it was now) was on the other sid e of the street contrary to what it likely was, and compassionately Van Harten understands...(!)
In the movie- he was probably a little "blitzed"..(wink-wink)
THOMAS BENSON (2005-03-31)
Have always been aroused by the beautiful blonde in one of my favorite war films.Was sad to find out she passed so long ago.It just goes to show that one of my favorite actors had extremely good taste in women . I only wish I could find a wife as fine.Robert Shaw is saddly missed also.
Estephan Dejioka (2005-12-29)
Mary Ure... such a beautiful woman was she. Soft voice, even softer skin and a "devil may care" look on her face that melts my heart. My favorite scene with her is in "Where Eagles Dare" when she busts out the MP44 from the back of the bus. Her face is so relaxed during this scene... no stress or tightened face like you see in so many movies when a weapon is fired.
Her young death is apropos for a shining woman such as herself. So many of us go directly to bright and burn out quickly.
Peneau (2006-04-05)
On this day (April 5th) thirty one years ago Mary Ure passed away. In a world that so easily forgets, remember Mary today and say a prayer for her.

Ad Astra and God Bless you Mary.

Requiescat in Pace.
Peneau (2006-04-05)
On this day (April 5th) thirty one years ago Mary Ure passed away. In a world that so easily forgets, remember Mary today and say a prayer for her.

Ad Astra and God Bless you Mary.

Requiescat in Pace.
stuart thomson (2006-06-11)
i felt a little sorry for Mary Ure in WHERE EAGLES DARE. the film is known to star Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood, but i feel Mary deserves equal credit for her performance and the her charcter contributes as much to the mission as anyone else
i aslo compare the film to LOOK BACK IN ANGER where Ure is constantly being beaten by husband Burton. in WHERE EAGLES DARE, Burton if anything is an even more violent character, but this time Mary is every bit as tough as she is.
it was sad Mary died so young. in WED, she is a terrific action heroine, paving the way for a future generation of actresses that followed
laddiebuck (2008-10-01)
Stuart: I wish she had (paved the way, I mean)! WED is a brilliant film, it doesn\'t insult our intelligence, it can be watched over and over and over with the same feelings, and it is anything but sexist. Frankly, I haven\'t seen a film before or since where a woman was competent in an \"action\" role (as well as an espionage role!!) -- most are just ditzy. Even in our supposedly enlightened times. It just goes to show, by the way, that it\'s hard to beat the Sixties for creative output. :)
laddiebuck (2008-10-01)
God rest Mary. The good die young.
Covpete (2010-09-14)
For the record, Mary was 42 when she passed away and not 43... She is buried in my home city Coventry, and I have yet to find out why this is as she never lived anywhere near here as far as I can ascertain. Anyone any ideas on this? For sure, a wonderful actress, but her marriage to Robert Shaw drove her to drink...
Tex (2012-03-10)
Beautiful woman . Great actor . Such a shame . RIP Mary.
hugo gutierrez (2012-07-16)
I just saw where eagles dare. I think she was a lovely actress. It is a pity she died so young. sorry i am mexican and dont speak much engligh.
Mikesey. (2013-03-14)
Mary, you left too soon. We all miss you. x
anthony (2013-12-20)
i fell in love when i was 9 ,, i still am. nothing more to say
WziGCvoKUDT (2014-02-12)
John Morrell  (2014-08-06)
Mary - great actress - understated role in WED - super foil for Burton and a rare action girl type role. Lucky Robert Shaw to have had such a wife.I feel somehow (without knowing) that she was a natural in peace, my love. JR
davey t. (2018-08-22)
Great actress married to a great actor RIP.
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