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Ingrid Pitt
Occupation: Actress
Also: Writer, Producer
Birthname: Natasha Petrovana
Birthdate: November 21, 1937
Birthplace: Poland
Died: November 23, 2010(London, England, UK)
Character: Heidi Schmidt

Ingrid Pitt dates her birth to november 1945. Early publicity reports date her birth to 1943 and that she was born on a concentration camp train through Europe. But November 1945, when Pitt dates her birth, the concentration camps were abolished.

After the war Ingrid Pitt became a leading actress on the stages in East Berlin. Her first movie was a Spanish bullfighting picture. She settled down in Spain and spent many years playing decorative roles in many International well-knowed pictures like Doctor Zhivago, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Chimes at Midnight and Where Eagles Dare.

Her big break-through came with her roles in horror films. With those roles he attained "cult" status among gothic horror fans. They love her sensuous and stylish work in films like The Vampire Lovers (in which, as lesbian vampire Carmilla, she literally loses her head to Christopher Lee), Countess Dracula and The Wicker Man.

For the televiewers she is most famous for her role as Elvira in Smiley's Peiple. A British miniseries from 1982.

Selected Films
Doctor Who (TV-series) - 1963
Sonido prehist—rico, El - 1964
Doctor Zhivago - 1965
Splendour of Andalucia, The - 1965

Los Duendes de Andaluc’a - 1965
Beso en el puerto, Un - 1965
Campanadas a medanoche - 1965
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A - 1966

Omegans, The - 1968
Where Eagles Dare - 1969
Vampire Lovers, The - 1970
House That Dripped Blood, The - 1970

Countess Dracula - 1970
Jason King (TV-series) - 1971
Nobody Ordered Love - 1971
Wicker Man, The - 1973

Artemis 81 (TV) - 1981
Smiley's People (TV-series) - 1982
Final Option, The - 1982
Who Dares Wins - 1982

Comedy of Errors, The (TV) - 1983
House, The (TV) - 1984
Bones - 1984
Underworld - 1985

Wild Geese II - 1985
Bulman (TV-series) - 1985
Hanna's War - 1988
Asylum, The - 2000

According to early publicity reports, Polish actress Ingrid Pitt was born in 1943 while her parents were being shipped to a Nazi concentration camp. However, Ms. Pitt currently lists her date of birth as November of 1945, by which time the camps had been abolished.
She has a daughter named Steffanie Pitt.
Ingrid Pitt has written several books, mainly in the horror genre.
She does a monthly column in Shivers magazine and appears at horror conventions.
She lives in London.

Web: The Pitt of Horror
Article: The Ingrid Pitt interview

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Rob Jones (2004-03-11)
Bobby Malone (2004-03-11)
Yes, I think she was beautiful- and an o.k. actress. She did have fucking great tits.
tom (2005-03-12)
her role was fantastic an d another wicked nice touch to a near perfect movie! I think she was fantastic, in more ways than one and her acting wa s certainly well done.
Yes, less crudely, she has stunning physical attributes. but altogether, her appearance in this movie that just couldn't do without her! Too, too perfect for her role period.....
Bently (2006-08-04)
Clint did her.
David (2006-11-04)
I once was privallidged enough to meet Ingrid, and remember hearing (after reading her autobiography) that she was offended by the 'director' of MGM, when he (in cellebrating the success of the film) raised a toast to Hitler, and did the Nazi salute.
MT (2009-01-12)
Ingrid dates her birthday to Nov 1937; as do varioues official sources, hence her being incarcerated in camp as a small child. The other (later) dates were used by studios and PR people.
NUNO ALEXANDRE (2009-01-13)
wes jackson (2010-05-31)
peter cushing cut off her head in vampire lovers not christopher lee.
wes jackson (2010-05-31)
Happy birthday clint eastwood and many more to come.
T A WEBSTER (2010-09-05)
HOT HOT HOT, IN 1969, with a great body!
Likedthemovie (2010-11-24)
RIP Ingrid
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