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Lee Thomas
Name: Lee Thomas
Nationality: British
Actor: William Squire
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 00:03:15 (In the airplane)

Favourite Scene
Major John Smith: Get Thomas out of there. Quickly!
[Smith throws out a rope. Thomas gets pushed before Smith.]
Major John Smith: Climb down! CLIMB DOWN!!
[Thomas is forced to climb down the rope. Schaffer arrives.]
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Grenades.
[Everybody get out of the room. Grenades explode, and German officers enter the room they just left. An officer immediately discovers someone is climbing down the rope, looks out and sees Thomas.]
German Officer V: Korpral!
[The officer shoots Thomas, who falls down...]

Favourite Line
Colonel Paul Kramer: You will be back in Whitehall reporting general Carnaby's transfer to Berlin before you know it.
Lee Thomas: Back to London? Are you mad? Not with Smith and Schaffer still alive.
Colonel Paul Kramer: What do you takes us for? You will also of course be reporting the unfortunately demise of major Smith.

User Comments:

tom (2005-03-13)
This fellow was classic too, and so too wa sthe scene with "colonel paul Kramer" just classic and an awfully nice touch.....Eastwood could never touch this movie and apparently never bothere d to go one better, Kelleys' Heroe s being of course of an entirely different flavor...can't compare this movie to "Dirty Harry" either or the best western ever made; "Th e Good, The Bad, and the Ugly"....horses of a different color altogether...(no pun intended)
Dobbo (2005-08-19)
Note that when he falls off the castle his coat changes from grey to camouflaged.
avo (2014-04-25)
subbtle.. nervus .. bu holds more information.. resolute fascist though complex character
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