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Sergeant George Harrod
We don't get to know much at all about Sergeant Harrod, except that he is the youngest and least experienced in the team. The parachute jump to get into the territory is his first ever, and he is nervous for it. Schaffer is told to look after him.

Name: George Harrod
Rank: Sergeant
Nationality: British
Actor: Brook Williams
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 00:03: (In the airplane)

Harrod is radio signalist, and on this mission he has the responsibility for the team's radio equipment.

Although a very minor role, we think Brook Williams' impression of the young and innocent Sergeant Harrod is quite good. But you get to know the character too little before he's killed, so you easily forget that he was on the mission as well.

Favourite Line
[During the mission brief.]
Colonel Wyatt Turner: No more questions I take it?
Sergeant George Harrod: Yes, sir. Begging the Colonel's pardon, sir. What's all this about? I mean, why is this man so damned important?!
Colonel Wyatt Turner: That will do, Sergeant. You have all the information you require.
Vice Admiral Rolland: I think that if we are sending a man to what may be his death, Colonel, he has the right to know why...

User Comments:

will (2008-08-01)
one thing i dont understand about sergeant Harrods death is that whoever killed him (Thomas, Berkely or Christianson), only had a couple of minuites to first find him (when they landed they were all spread out in different places), kill him and then cover their footprint tracks before reporting to the others, they must have been very quick to do all that.
james (2008-08-01)
good point, personally, I think Christienson killed him, as he was directly behind Harrod on the plane and so would have been able to follow him down and see where he landed before killing him. Also, Christienson, to me, appears the only member of the trio with the guts to murder someone, but good point about the footprints
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