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WingCommander Cecil Carpenter
Wing Commander Cecil Carpenter is in the pilot seat "as completely at home in his environment as the most contented oyster in its shell in Whitstable Bay" (extract from the novel). He absolutely loves to show his great skill, dearly driving other people nuts from his total, seemingly, non-engagement in the fire he playes with.

Name: Cecil Carpenter
Rank: WingCommander
Nationality: British
Actor: Vincent Ball
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 00:02:46 (In the airplane)

Vincent Ball is good as Wing Commander Carpenter, but he doesn't get to show much of Carpenter's "until I'm dead, I'm the best and I will prove it to you"-attitude, only in the scene mentioned below (and if you use your imagination, maybe in the scene with our favorite line). And without it, the picture loses much of the humor of the novel. Maybe that was the reason to cut down on Carpenter's appearances, and in any case it's not Vincent Ball's fault.

Favourite Scene
[The plane leaves the Oberhausen airfield. Bullets destroy the left window of the cockpit, Carpenter shys away a little. Starts whisteling, and steers the plane towards London... ]

Favourite Line
Colonel Wyatt Turner: 25 minutes. Can we make it?
WingCommander Cecil Carpenter: We can make it. But I do wonder: can they?
Colonel Wyatt Turner: God knows.

User Comments:

tom (2005-03-13)
Classic here to......this actor, this scenario....Clint missed few tricks here....
cappopper (2006-12-04)
don't know about you but carpenter had that 3 engine junker gain altitude getting out of there like only a fighter could do. straight up, almost like an inverted dive! awesome...
Implacabile (2011-01-24)
Very sad thing, that the "big moustache" of Carpenter was fallen out, in the book was it written characterically...
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