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British Radio Operator
Role: British Radio Operator
Nationality: British
Actor: Michael Rooney
Role description:Glance
First appearance: 00:24:14 (By the Radio)

Favourite Scene
[Radio Operator sits by the radio smooking. He hears Smith from the radio.]
Major John Smith: Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Over.
[British Radio Operator springs to his feet and opens the door.]
British Radio Operator: Broadsword, sir!
[British Radio Operator goes back to radio.]
British Radio Operator: Danny boy calling Broadsword. Coming Broadsword. Over.

User Comments:

One Of The Good Guys (2004-03-28)
I think the radio operator should have answered Broadsword BEFORE calling Admiral Rolland in the other room! Smith could have thought there was no-one there and tried a different frequency!
Jacco (2004-06-28)
I think he says "come in, Broadsword" and not "coming". As an aside, I believe a broadsword refers to a weapon which does not make much distiction between who is on the receiving end. A pars pro toto for the Army? It's what carpet bombing is to precision bombs...
Dobbo (2005-08-19)
Is this Damon Hill?
Lee (2010-08-24)
Broadsword was not only in this film, but was also the callsign for the c130 gunship that used to patrol the skies over bosnia in 1995....just out of interest
Implacabile (2011-12-19)
Broadsword calling Danny Boy, over!
216ParaSignals (2013-12-19)
Enjoyable hokum. A short whip ariel in mountainous area in Bavaria would never you voice comms to the UK.
Question  (2014-08-04)
Why is broadsword both the English HQ at first , and Richard Burton later on ?
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