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Reichmarshal Julius Rosemeyer
Reichsmarshal Julius Rosemeyer is a very intelligent person. He is suspicious to anything he doesn't have complete control of, like the situation when Smith and Schaffer enter the Golden hall. He never shows if Smith has managed to persuade him with his twisted tale - he would probably keep his disbelief towards Smith untill he and Schaffer have left and everything turned out to be exactly the way Smith said.

When Rosemeyer declares he doesn't want Gestapo around "clattering with their torture chambers" at the moment, it is not his weak heart speaking. He is just looking practically at things.

Name: Julius Rosemeyer
Rank: Reichmarshal
Nationality: German
Actor: Ferdy Mayne
Role description:Major role
First appearance: 00:28:17 (On the courtyard)

Ferdy Mayne's impression of Reichsmarshal Rosemeyer is as good as it can get. The Rosemeyer in the picture is one of the few characters that doesn't differ from the novel, and with Mayne making a perfectly formidable appearance in the incarnation of Reichsmarshal Rosemeyer, he somewhat helps erasing the border between fiction and reality in the story.

Favourite Scene
[In the Golden Hall.]
Major John Smith: All right gentlemen...
Major von Hapen: Stay where you are! I advise you to keep perfectly still. Drop your gun Major.
[Smith drops his gun.]
Major von Hapen: You too, Lieutenant!
[Schaffer drops his automatic.]
Major von Hapen: By the fireplace!
[Schaffer places himself by the fireplace.]
Colonel Paul Kramer: Thank God you're here Major. We were just about to...
Major von Hapen: Sit down, Colonel! Everybody remain as he is untill I find out what exactly is going on here.
Colonel Paul Kramer: What do you mean? I'm sure you can see what's going on...
Major von Hapen: SIT! Down. Colonel.
Major John Smith: It's perfectly simple, Major. The Lieutenant here and myself have just uncovered a complot to assassinate the fŸhrer.
[Rosemeyer gets up.]
Reichmarshal Julius Rosemeyer: This is preposterous!!
Major von Hapen: Sit down!

Favourite Line
Reichmarshal Julius Rosemeyer: That Major von Hapen, does he know General Carnaby is here?
Colonel Paul Kramer: Yes, I did inform him about his arrival, but not about his importance.
Reichmarshal Julius Rosemeyer: Good. If it's possible I prefer to keep Gestapo out of this matter until after we have the information that we want. We don't need them clattering with their torture chambers. This can remain strictly an Army matter for the time being.

User Comments:

Henrik (2002-12-14)
Why are you saying that Rosemeyer is a Reichmarshal, when you say that Kramer is an SS officer? Rosemeyer was general in the movie, and Kramer was a Gestapo officer in the book. You have to decide whether it's the book or the movie you want to referrer to.
ola (2003-09-01)
Not Having read the book (yet) and not being sure of the rank of the general in the movie (I don't want to watch the movie on VHS again, so I'm waiting for the DVD), I only know this for sure: The rank "Reichsmarschall" was only used once in the third Reich for Goering and he was in the Luftwaffe where as the general of the movie is from the heer.
Kull (2005-01-03)

The correct title is:


Other notable feldmarschalls from the Wehrmacht/Heer:

Erich Von Manstein
Gerd von Rundstedt
Heinz Gudarian
Erwin Johannes Rommel
Albert Kesselring
that funny guy Model (incredibly overestimated!)

Boris (2005-02-10)
To Kull's comment. Heinz Guderian never got the rank of "generalfeldmarschall", only colonel-general.
tom (2005-03-12)
General Rosemeyer was a classic period...a really nice touch that i don't think this movie could hav e done favorite scene initially is when he meets that allegemeine officer Van Harten (SS Major,police)a nd he is reluctant to even acknowledge him....classic...and the look that Colonel Charm a give s this same "major" he introduces him...
Four your information, Mr Kull, general Model was one of the top generals Hitler ever had ,be corse about his ability to put it out the dangures at the front. General Model was called .
El Barto (2006-04-11)
There was only one Reichsmarschall (since 1940) in the Nazi-Time and this was Hermann Göring.
Soren Bailey (2006-05-26)
You missed out Paulus....

David G (2006-09-01)
What are you writing about? Von Paulus was only a belatedly promoted field marshall.
As mentioned by others, there was only one Reichsmarschall- dicke Hermann!
Soren Bailey (2006-11-04)
What are you writing about?!? 'belatedly' or not he was still a Feldmarschall. So your only splitting hairs. I knew full well that Goering was the only Reichmarshal. So your missing the point completely that I was trying to make. Which was that Von Paulus was a Feldmarschall.
Wolfman (2008-12-30)
Rosemeyer is not a Reichsmarshall. Any self-respecting war enthusiast would know that Hermann Goering was the only Reichsmarshall. Rosemeyer wears the rank insignia of General.
Sam (2009-04-01)
Right Wolfman, Reichsnarshall was a "made up" rank that Goering invented to elevate himself about the Field Marshals that were appointed in 1940. He saw himself (being a loyal Nazi leader) as somehow above the military. In the movie, indeed Rosemeyer is a colonel general.
Ken (2009-05-08)
Wasn't Himmler a Reichsmarshall as the head of the SS?
VanZant (2010-01-01)
Why would a General in the Heer tell an SS Colonel "This should remain an Army matter?" after he meets a SS Gestapo figure? And the SS Colonel then wholeheartedly says "I agree." Seems strange.
hugo (2011-07-25)
The ss is not the real army of the third Reich but a criminal organisation intended on killing people so was the gestapo so it was obviously anti-Nazi talk.
Badonde (2011-12-11)
I love his cigarette lighter.
azor (2012-09-04)
Me encanta la pelicula y el papel de este palabra que le define es ELEGANTE
Kooshmeister (2012-12-30)
Re: VanZant I think Kramer agrees because Rosemeyer is his old friend and so he wants it to stay in Rosemeyers court as long as possible. Also, Kramer openly dislikes von Hapen and so any decision that keeps von Hapen out of the loop is fine with him.
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