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Colonel Paul Kramer
He is a Colonel in the SS, and expects to be treated as such.

Name: Paul Kramer
Rank: Colonel
Nationality: German
Actor: Anton Diffring
Role description:Important role
First appearance: 00:28: (On the courtyard)

Paul Kramer is born in Heidelberg, Germany. Like Smith, he studied at the University there, and one of his favorite teachers were Major Wilhelm Wilner.

Anton Diffring's performance is good, but is he really the frightening nazi Colonel Kramer from the novel?

Favourite Scene
Colonel Paul Kramer: What do you take us for? You will also of course be reporting the unfortunate demise of major Smith.
Olaf Christiansen: Is he... dead?
Colonel Paul Kramer: We are not quite sure. It's being looked into right now.
Reichmarshal Julius Rosemeyer: Please, remember the important issue.
Colonel Paul Kramer: Yes, I think the situation has changed officially for you to give us the imformation we've been asking for.
General George Carnaby: Nothing's changed, Colonel.
Colonel Paul Kramer: Most unfortunate...

Favourite Line
[von Hapen looks at Mary's ID-papers, presumably. Kramer steps in.]
Colonel Paul Kramer: Do you find anything interesting Major?
[von Hapen looks up a few seconds, then go on reading.]
Colonel Paul Kramer: I heard there were some excitement in the village tonight?
Major von Hapen: Oh, nothing very serious. Just the arrests of four or five deserters, that's all.
Colonel Paul Kramer: Not quite. Those were the orders that were put out. Actually they were five Brittish agents, dressed in German uniforms.
Major von Hapen: Brittish agents? Why wasn't I informed?
Colonel Paul Kramer: I'm informing you now, Major.
Major von Hapen: If you send out the orders, Colonel, then you must have known for some time who they were and that they were in this district.
Colonel Paul Kramer: We called you in your office and in your rooms. You were not there.
Major von Hapen: Colonel, I don't have to remind you, do I, that I'm in charge of all the Gestapo activities in this area and if there are foreign agents then I am to be informed at once!
Colonel Paul Kramer: You were not here, Major!
Major von Hapen: Then you find me, Colonel!
Colonel Paul Kramer: My duties is to inform you, but not to search every gasthaus in the village to locate you.
Major von Hapen: I know your duties... and you loyalties...
Colonel Paul Kramer: Let me remind you Major, that I'm a Colonel in the SS and not some Lieutenant whom you can frighten with your threats.
Major von Hapen: Your military rank and position are obvious to me, Colonel, and so are your attempts to discredit me before my superiors in Berlin!
Colonel Paul Kramer: If there is any discredit, you bring it upon yourself. Good night!

User Comments:

Dave Stuart (2003-01-07)
Reference the comment about Col. Kramer being Gestapo in the book. The SS (Schutz Staffel)had several elements to it. The Waffen-SS (military combat troops),the Algemeine-SS (usually assigned to concentration camps and detention facilities), and the Gestapo. The Gestapo answered directly to Himmler as did other elements of the SS. The Gestapo, however, functioned as its name suggests: GEheime STAatsPOlizei - secret state police. With the black uniform, many weren't so secret.
John russell (2003-09-10)
The film does perpetuate the myth that the Waffen SS where seperate from the orginal SS, and accepted by the army. One wonders if the story would have been altered if Kramer had been the local army intelligence officer,and Von Hapen Gestapo, but wareing civies like the Gestapo in "The Great Escape".
Boris (2003-10-17)
There has been some confusion about colonel Paul Kramer. In the movie, Kramer is a colonel of the SS, wearing the insignia of the SD, that is the Sicherheitsdienst (look at his left forearm). SD was the internal intelligence service of the SS. A subunit of the SS as was also the Gestapo. In the novel, however, Kramer has nothing to do with the SS or Gestapo at all. It is said in the novel that his superior officer is admiral Canaris. Canaris was actually a real person who was head of the german military intelligence service called Abwehr, that is a subunit of the german high-command. So, there is no reason to say that Kramer works within the Gestapo. The fact that both Gestapo and Abwehr have headquarters at the castle, must be a coincidence. Bottom line: Kramer has never been a Gestapo-officer, neither in the novel or in the movie.
Not von Hapen (2003-11-05)
To make it clear: The Allgemeine-SS and the Waffen-SS were two divisions. The Allgemeine-SS (after 1939 when it was reorganized) consisted of several main divisions: RSHA (ReichsSicherheitsHauptAmt) (Heydrich leader) FHA (FührungsHauptAmt) PHA (PersonalHauptamt) WVHA (Wirtschaft- und VerwaltungsHauptAmt) and some other. The RSHA consisted of two main sub divisions: SIPO and ORPO. ORPO was the Ordnungspolizei(order police), Feuerschutzpolizei(fire police) and the Gendarmerie. SIPO consisted of the Gestapo, the Sicherheitsdienst(SD)(security service), Kriminalpolizei (KRIPO) and the Grenzpolizei (border police). The Waffen-SS consisted of a numerous armoured divisions including the 12th armoured HitlerJugend division. Thanks.
I am not surprised about Cramer and Von Happen litlle argue.It is the fact, that iven in the high ranks of SS inteligence and Gestapo are strugglng between ich oder. This fact makes anemy inteligence work more efficent.
Geurst  (2010-08-14)
Von Hapen should have had the final word after being insulted. He was a far superior character to Kramer. Nesbitt was brilliant and stunning in his role.
nabat (2011-12-04)
فیلم بسیار زیبایی است
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