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Colonel Weissner
Name: Weissner
Rank: Colonel
Nationality: German
Actor: Victor Beaumont
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 00:28:14 (On the courtyard)

Favourite Scene
[Smith and Schaffer are prisoners and are transported in a car.]
[Smith and Schaffer got eyecontact in the rearview.]
[Schaffer bends down to his shoes.]
German Soldier: Halt!
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: It's just my shoelaces.
[Schaffer pushes the soldier out threw the door.]
[Schaffer shots the driver.]
[The car goes into a skid and collides with a stone.]
[Weissner dashes ou threw the frontwindow.]
[Only Smith and Schaffer survives the collision.]

Favourite Line
[In Zum Wilden Hirsch.]
Colonel Weissner: Attention! We're looking for 4 5 alpine corps deserters from Stuttgart. To escape they killed two officers and a guardroom sergeant. They were last known to be heading this way.
Major John Smith: Clever. Very clever indeed.
Colonel Weissner: I wan't senior officers of draft 13, 14 and 15 to come forward at once!
[Weissner to another officer.]
Colonel Weissner: Check their papers.

User Comments:

Hans (2004-02-01)
Not to complain, but it's weird that only Weissner was thrown out of the car when it crashed..
alan giles (2005-02-14)
coment to hans about the car scene it does not matter... think back to the pub/gastoff scene when he bursts in and says hes looking for alpen corps deserters,and check there papers.. been me i would have giving myself up... did you see the look on his face... it was a mess with me and your dead look....!!!!!!!!!
Hannah (2010-03-21)
By god he is ugly
Vincente De Santa (2011-12-11)
Love how, despite his short appearences, he gets a credit mention. Same with Carpenter. Not worth mentioning them.
Elvis (2012-09-12)
I think he had great menace in his character and would have liked him to have been longer hot on the trail than killed off so quick.
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