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Lieutenant Anne-Marie Schwartz
She is colonel Kramer's secretary, and chief of all female staff on the castle. She is actually unnamed in the picture (or does Major von Hapen introduce her as "Lieutenant Königsen"?), and the surname Schwartz we have only found so far in the Swedish translation of the novel (!). In the novel she is very young and described as the ideal pin-up girl of the Third Reich. She is also a pure sadist.

Name: Anne-Marie Schwartz
Rank: Lieutenant
Nationality: German
Actor: Olga Lowe
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 00:49: (In the castle)

In the picture we get to know that she is a trained nurse.

The contrast between the young girl in the book and Olga Lowe as Kramer's secretary suggests, but this is only a theory, that the young Anne-Marie in the novel replaced the "first version" seen in the picture to add a bit more nazi-feeling to the novelisation where the Second World War is only in your imagination. If you ever care about the middle-aged woman without female attitude and attractiveness that Olga Lowe impersons, it is the fact that she is a female with black, short hair (the ideal was long blonde hair!) in a head position in Nazi-Germany.

Favourite Scene
[Kramer doesn't get anywhere with the inquiry of Carnaby, and nodds to his secretary. She bends down and picks up her handbag. The company doesn't notice Smith and Schaffer, who begins to walk down the stairs. Carnaby looks nervous, almost frightened, as the secretary unfolds a case with syringes. ]

Favourite Line
[von Hapen arrives with Mary and Heidi in the castle reception.]
Major von Hapen: Good evening, Lieutenant. This is miss Schenk. Lieutenant Kšnigsen is the Colonel's secretary and in charge of all the female staff.
Lieutenant Anne-Marie Schwartz: Can I see your papers, please? And yours, frŠulein?

User Comments:

Rollinhand (2004-11-30)
In the german version she is called (Stabshelferin) "Kurnitzer", in the spanish version too.
alan giles (2005-02-14)
when she unfolds the packet containing the needdles she loos like she really should be in a death camp....!
Viggen (2006-01-25)
In the swedish version she is called kurnitzer.....
El Barto (2006-04-11)
To my eyes, Stabshelferin Kurnitzer is the right name, because neither in the Wehrmacht nor in the SS women had military ranks that were equal to the male ones. Stabshelferin means affirmative to the higher military ranks.
Warren (2008-05-07)
She is very sexy.
Daz (2008-07-24)
A sexy seductive lady
Greg (2008-08-16)
Why shoot an attractive and u armed woman in the back? What a waste of sexy womanhood!
neil (2008-08-16)
I agree
Tom (2008-09-22)
So, what to do to such woman, instead of killing her?
Bill (2008-10-02)
Take her hostage, tie her up, but not kill her. She too beautiful to kill.
Tom (2008-10-03)
But is she useful as a hostage, or just slowing others? And what makes her so beautifull?
neil (2008-10-03)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She is just sex on legs.
Tom (2008-10-03)
Yes, but how to preserve such beauty under those crazy circumstances? She is not in a position where her sex appeal may be much helpful for her.
daz (2008-10-08)
As Kramer's secretary hewould have known much important information about a lot of matters. Takin her with them could have been a wise move. But on the other hand it could be argued that she sealed her fate when she tried to make a run for it. Then she had to be stopped and unfortunately there was only one way!
Tom (2008-10-09)
During the whole "game" she is rather passive. She is just sitting or doing what she is told to do. And she is silent all the time. Anyway, the expression of her face shows that she is becoming more and more confused, and finally she is frightened. And she is taking an action - her desperate attempt to escape. At that moment she is lost. She is running towards the girl with a gun, who hesitates a bit, but the bullet that she receives in her back stops her quietly and efficiently.
BobS (2008-10-26)
Come on, face the truth. She is just an old, ugly and cruel woman, who does not deserve mercy, but a bullet. Why to spare such person?
Ray (2008-11-02)
She is a most attractive, mature woman radiating sex appeal.
BobS (2008-11-03)
Where do you see her sex appeal?
Ian (2008-11-04)
Just look!! She is not old, she is not ugly and not cruel.
John (2008-11-04)
My grandfather was a doctor in the RAMC in the 1039-45 War, and he said that when casualties were brought in they never did anything for the menbers of the SAS. They were just left! Koenitzer deserved her end. In any case, why all this macabre interest in such a minor character?
John (2008-11-04)
Read 1939-45 war and SS.
Paul (2008-11-04)
Why is she old? Why is she ugly and why is she cruel?
BobS (2008-11-05)
So, what is her deserved fate?
Ray (2008-11-16)
To live
BobS (2008-11-17)
Why to let her alive? What may she be useful for? And how to prevent her from making some damage?
ray (2008-11-22)
She is a woman!
BobS (2008-11-23)
What to do with that woman?
mix6 (2009-01-23)
Shooting her was the best solution.
Reg (2009-01-23)
You do not shoot an unarmed person, let alone a woman in the back.
Neil (2009-01-23)
Mary Ure could have stunned her at least with her bag. She could then be tied up or taken as prisoner Anne Marie Koenitzer ia too sexy and seductive to be killed. She is no way 'ugly,and cruel.'
mix6 (2009-01-24)
Everything is happening too fast. Anne Marie is panicking, and that is her mistake. At least, a shot in the back made her die quickly, without pain and suffering. And what is in her appearance that makes her "sexy and seductive"?
Neil (2009-01-28)
Her alluring, sad eyes, the lonely expression.Her alluring lips. The braidded hair, that, when released would lap around her shoulders and breasts. Has she ever known love? If not, she surely deserved to.
mix6 (2009-01-29)
Isn't she too old for love?
Tom (2009-02-06)
She is primarily a person in the nazi uniform, that is the enemy, and then a woman. So she was treated properly. Her attempt to escape was making a mess on the scene, and that should have been stopped quickly.
BF (2009-03-02)
Lieutenant Anne-Marie Kernitser is a character that is not well used. She could be interesting as the only female on the villain side. But she did not get the chance to do something. She hardly tells a word. She could be shown as a torturer during the interrogation, but that chance is also missed, so we don't see her as an evil one. Her death could also be more spectacular – fighting with the other woman or seeing her face, but that was also omitted.
Arman (2009-04-01)
Anne-Marie is my favorite character. She is quiet, but imposive and attractive as a woman of her age may be. So her ending makes me feeling uncomfortable. Shooting in the back isn't a way to treat such lady.
Roy (2009-04-28)
She is also my favorite character. Despite being alluring, captivating, inviting and seductive, she is none the less a tragic character which is further mirrored by her sad, cruel and unecessary end.
Arman (2009-04-29)
What should be her fate?
mix6 (2009-04-29)
Let's put it this way. There are only three female characters in the movie. Other two women are younger and better looking, while Anne-Marie is also a villainess (she is a part of that team). So it was the easiest solution to put her in the list of characters who will be killed during the movie. There was no idea what to do with her alive through the rest of the story.
RAYMOND(2009-05-6) (2009-05-06)
Arman (2009-05-06)
But how to force her to follow you, if you capture her? She may not be cooperative.
Carl (2009-05-07)
in a matter of life or death of course she would cooperate. The other hostages came quietly so why not she?
Arman (2009-05-07)
But she was the one who was making troubles when she tried to escape. Killing her was probably the only way to avoid problems.
RAYMOND(2009-05-09) (2009-05-09)
Spectator (2009-05-09)
She isn't a nice person. Her task was to torture Carnaby using drugs, and she was cold-blooded while preparing to do that. At the moment when she was killed, she was preparing to fight for life with another woman, who was hesitating to use the gun. There is something dangerous in her character.
AF (2009-05-31)
Why so many words about her? In the movie, she is a person who should be eliminated without much thinking.
Reg (2009-06-04)
Not enogh words for such an incredibly desirable, voluptuous and seductive looking woman. She is just sex on legs.
AF (2009-06-04)
She looks as an average middle-aged woman. I can't see any detail that may make her being sexy. On the other hand, she is killed at the moment when she is making troubles (trying to escape, probably about starting to fight with another woman), in the situation when there is no time for sex.
Bart M. (2009-06-20)
I think that there were good and strong reasons for killing Anne-Marie. She was trying to escape, and was ready to resist. And after her death, survived Germans in the room were cooperative, surely because it was clearly shown to them that there will be no mercy in anyone tries anything similar. So, liquidating of that woman was justified, considering the circumstances.
Ian (2009-07-18)
'Liquidating, an unarmed woman is beyond the pail. Why not shoot low?
Bart M. (2009-07-19)
You mean, why not to wound her and stop her that way? In that case shemay start screaming because of pain, and that may not be controlled. So, the precise shot that kills was the best and the fastest way to make her steady and silent. Even if she is alive silent after the shot, what to do with a wounded woman in such a dangerous situation...
Joni (2009-07-28)
Her death was cruel. War is cruel. Her death was a cruel necessity.
AF  (2009-07-28)
There wasn't too much cruelty in her death. It was a precise shot, that made her die instantly, without suffering.
Joni (2009-07-30)
ALL death is cruel.
AF (2009-07-30)
Amyway, she was a torturer, so it was even a kind of mercy that she was killed without a torture.
A.N. (2009-08-17)
She is a nazi, so she is good only when she is dead. It was a good deed to eliminate her.
Albs (2009-09-10)
It was a tragic waste to kill such a gorgeous middle aged woman.
BobS (2009-09-11)
How can a middle-aged woman be gorgeous??? Her demise does not seem to be a big waste...
Phil (2009-09-15)
Well I think she is a handsome desirable mature woman.
BobS (2009-09-15)
Desirable for what? What is good on her?
RaWo (2009-09-22)
She died with her boots on :) Interesting female character, but she could show more words, and more action in her final scene.
Des (2009-09-22)
Anne Marie must be an intersting character. It is incredible that a minor chracter in a film has caused so much interest. There is something'special' about her.
Fost (2009-10-18)
It is disputable whether to allow "good guys" to treat a woman that way. Even Anne Marie looks feminine and vulnerable. She is an enemy woman, but she does not seem to be dangerous at the moment she is killed. So there is something wrong in her ending.
shocktrooper 1985 (2009-10-20)
OSS spies and Army Rangers never take/keep prisoners while fighting behind enemy lines. Not then and not now! No matter what!
Matthew (2009-10-28)
I agree with Fost. It is a barbaric act to shoot un unarmed woman in the back. It is a despicable, cowardly act!It cannot be justified.
Dom (2009-10-29)
Te alternative way of killing the German woman was risky: to let the blonde girl doing that.
M.A. (2010-01-05)
It is interesting: the only one female death in the movie full of shooting and killing draws so much attention. Why?
Barrie (2010-04-06)
Sad she had to die, but when she tried to run away, there was no choice
sotos (2010-04-07)
her ending - a mercy shot. she dies without pain and much terror.
Penul (2010-04-07)
I like the scene of her death. Nice precise shot, without a copromise. The beauty of brutal simplicity.
Albie (2010-04-29)
Another goof. I see no sign of an entry bullet wound in her back or head. She should not have been shot in any case. She was unarmwed and a woman. Other methods could be used to silence her temporarily.
Mill (2010-04-30)
Well made scene. There is a small bullet wound at her back (left side). Just as it should be - the bullet makes a mess inside. It was the best solution, because she was about to become hysterical and noisy.
Tony (2010-06-01)
It is immoral to shoot an unarmed woman in the back.
Tom (2010-06-01)
She is trying to escape after she is captured. And in an enemy uniform, she is a target. Every side of her.
Tony (2010-06-03)
Why all the this fuss? She was a Nazi, a member of the SS, a nurse who used drugs on prisoners. Her death was far too painless. She should have suffered more!
sol (2010-06-04)
attractive appearance - she does not look like a target for killing
Lea (2010-06-05)
She was a torture nurse. Deserved what she got and more
Stefan (2010-06-06)
But there is something very sad about her character and her life.
Ronn (2010-06-06)
What can be sad about her?
AF (2010-06-06)
She should have been put on her drugs, raped, slowly killed...
Sade (2010-06-09)
No time for all that. Shoot her in the knee caps and leave her to suffer
AF (2010-06-10)
Not a good solution, Sade. She may scream too much with such wounds...
Sade (2010-06-10)
Gag her
AF (2010-06-10)
In that case, she may be completely tied. Why to shoot?
Lea (2010-06-10)
No time to do anything else. She should have suffered more. She was a torturess herself
AF (2010-06-10)
But what if she survives wounds?
Lea (2010-06-10)
So she survives. But have had to suffer to survive
AF (2010-06-10)
She looks better without such wounds. At least, her good looking should not be destroyed.
Lea (2010-06-12)
her knees were good looking?
AF (2010-06-12)
Female knees usually look good.
Iain (2010-06-17)
Anne Marie looks good all over to me
BobS (2010-06-17)
She looks too cold, without a life and passion.
Iain (2010-06-17)
She is ready to be warmed up and given a life of passion.
Joni (2010-06-17)
Join the q.
Reg (2010-06-17)
Yes. Sex on legs
BobS (2010-06-17)
Nothing but a hot bullet could warm her up.
Reg (2010-06-18)
I acn think of muchbetter ways
BobS (2010-06-18)
What else may help?
Mon (2010-06-22)
She acted as a coward when trying to escape. She was justly punished.
Reg (2010-06-23)
She panicked. She should have not done so, but remain sitting by the table. A night of passion and attention would have soon warmed her up.
Mon (2010-06-23)
It seems she was too passionate when she decided to run instead to sit.
Carl (2010-06-23)
Rubbish. All she needed was to have t.l.c. to warm her up.
BobS (2010-06-23)
She is too unattractive.
Peter (2010-06-27)
She tried to escape she had to be stopped, there was only one way. Sad, but that is war.
Andy (2010-07-05)
Yes. A sad waste of womanhood
BobS (2010-07-05)
No womanhood in her. Where is it?
shooter (2010-09-10)
Tough woman in boots. Nice target for shooting practice.
Herb (2010-11-19)
She looks like a monster.
Robyn (2010-12-13)
She is an alluring mature woman
Milter (2010-12-14)
too old for my taste. looks more like a wx figure than like areal woman. and too cold. not even able to show that she is upset or frightened.
Robyn (2011-01-05)
But think of the challenge to melt the wax
Milter (2011-01-05)
melting needs too much time. lack of time made her being useless, sho she had to be quickly silenced using the silencer when she was about to make troubles.
Stan (2011-01-12)
It looks like she was running to the toilet - theresult of fear.
Martin (2011-05-27)
The evil looking creature got what she deserved
Stef (2011-06-01)
Looks like a dangerous bitch, but is easily eliminated.
lonnie (2011-06-07)
The only good nazi is a dead nazi,besides she had to much info on names of the nazi agents in england.
Craig (2011-06-08)
It is better to spare a woman.
Jack (2011-06-19)
She was a Nazi and SS officer first and was evil. She deserved to die.
Craig (2011-06-20)
There is something elegant and charming in her appearance and moves. I think that she deserved to survive, in spite of the fact that she was with bad guys.
Reg (2011-06-20)
In the first shots of her in her office has the most seductive eyes. Her make up and hair style was changed for the later scenes though. She does not look as desirable in those scenes. As she tries to escape in panic before being shot her skirt reveals very nice legs in those high sexy black boots.
Harry (2011-06-20)
Very nice provocative legs. And when she is face down dead on the floor after being shot she is still showing some right leg between her skirt and boots. A well endowed lady with a body to be loved.
Craig (2011-06-20)
Iteresting hair styyle, indeed. And the skirt that is a bit too long, so she cannot run fast enough when she is in danger. Actually, we cannot say anything abot her legs, but boots still make them provocative.
Harry (2011-06-20)
The tight skirt she wears shows her well rounded thighs to provocative effect as well as the glimpses of leg.
Craig (2011-06-20)
It is a bit sad to watch her when she is trying to escape in such outfit, unappropriate for fast running.
Robyn (2011-06-21)
Her hair is braided layer on layer. Unbraided it would be long, flowing down her back! Just imagine!
Craig (2011-06-21)
Free hair may look better, but it is not in an accordance with the image of a string and stiff woman in uniform.
Robyn (2011-06-22)
But she would not be spending all her time in unform.
Craig (2011-06-22)
It seems that the uniform is her whole life. And it leads her to the death.
Milt (2011-07-10)
Average legs. Not enough that the lady should be spared because of their beauty.
Harry (2011-07-11)
Her tight skirt still shows her firm buttocks and thighs as well as a provocative gimpse of legs be they average or not. For a mature woman she still has va va voom.
MIlt (2011-07-12)
But she is panicking and running toward younger and prettier girl, and there is a danger that she can hurt her. So she had to be stopped in spite of her provocative moves.
Davs (2011-08-04)
She was a casualty of war, but one hell of a waste of woman.
Ronn (2011-08-05)
It is not a big damage and waste to eliminate a woman like her.
Harry (2011-08-18)
She is a mature woman oozing sex appeal on legs.
Ronn (2011-08-19)
Sexuality of such mature woman is too weak, and can be neglected and dropped.
Pete (2011-08-20)
Evil Nazi bitch got what she deserved - bullet in back. No waste only justice. No loss. Ond less Nazi in the world.
Max (2011-08-21)
There are better punishments for evil bitches...
Paul (2011-08-21)
Yes, her death was too easy I suppose.
Ronn (2011-08-21)
To easy, indeed. The bullet cam from the unexpected direction, and she was dead before hitting the ground.
Dave (2011-08-21)
From the angle, the bullet would probably have entered her spleen. Massive internal bleeding would have occured at once resulting in near instant death.
Ronn (2011-08-21)
Yes, very neat wound, without much blood around, but with a mess inside.
Harri (2011-08-31)
Continuity seems to have been a problem with her character too. She has at least 3 different hairstyles.The first shot of her lying on the floor shows the bullet wound and no leg showing. In a later shot she is showing some right leg and I have failed to see the bullet wound or bloodstain on her uniform. Intersting??? I also doubt if having been shot as she was she would have landed on the floor in such a tidy position.
Tomas (2011-09-13)
From another medical point, depending, when you take the period into view, would Anne-Marie have been wearing a bone corset? That could deflect the bullet which might not have entered the spleen resulting in lack of blood from the entry wound. Death might not have been quick, she could have slowly died from internal bleeding. Should unarmed women should be shot in the back is a a big moral question? But I would have been glad to save and bed her with her looks. body and unbraided hair!
TomasFrom another medical poin (2011-09-13)
From another medical point, depending, when you take the period into view, would Anne-Marie have been wearing a bone corset? That could deflect the bullet which might not have entered the spleen resulting in lack of blood from the entry wound. Death might not have been quick, she could have slowly died from internal bleeding. Should unarmed women should be shot in the back by is a big moral question? But I would have been glad to save her with unbraided hair!
Harry (2011-09-13)
Yes save her and bed her.
Gwynedd (2011-09-13)
A thrin ei chedor pinc hyd Ddydd y Farn.
Macsen (2011-09-13)
Heb son am fowldio ei thin, sugno ei thethi aeddfed a chwarae yn y cwm cnawd.
Owain (2011-09-13)
Am y siafftiau, mewn gafael, a yna lle yn ei bru braf. Nefol wewyr.
Gwyndaf (2011-09-13)
Ei thrin a chwarae y cedor fel llyfr drosodd a throsodd. Yr hen ast Almaenig iddi.
Ret (2011-09-14)
It is certainly better to treat a woman in the bed, but in the action there is no time for that. So her fate was to be eliminated without hesitation and without noise. Under such contitions, she received one precise shot that killed her instantly. Sad but necessary.
Clwyd (2011-09-14)
Gwell bodio ei maneg goch, y bastai yn socian cyn iro ei phadell flew a mwytho ei mwydyn. Ffwrwm waith o gotsan o gael trosol iw nyth.
Tomos (2011-09-22)
Syniad da iawn. Ei thaflu, noethi ei bogail, er dirfawr les iddi; ei marchio cyn ei hollti, ac yna dyrnu o ddifrif. Dyna wnai les iddi.
Gwyndaf. (2011-09-22)
Deuai hynny a gwen i wyneb yr Almaenes Natsiaidd ogleisiol.
Lort (2011-09-22)
Good ideas. Although not so attractive lady.
Gwynedd (2011-10-03)
Ei thaflu, ei hollti cyn ei sodro efo y jilibwms roddai fodlonrwydd oesol iddi.
Geof (2011-10-06)
I like the scene when Kramer introduces her as a nurse who may "assist" in interrogation. She says nothing, but seems to be rather excited.
Madog (2011-10-12)
Sgwd dda fyddai yn ei chynhyrfu yn iawn.
Art (2011-10-31)
Real witch. Spreading evila around her.
Nef (2011-11-25)
Dywed y golwg yn ei llygaid ei bod yn glafoerio am hwchabwch yn ei lon goch. Mae llysnafedd yn rhedeg lawr ei choesau hyd ei botasau lledr rhywiol yn siwr o fod.
Rod (2011-11-26)
Very cute while trying to escape. I love women wearing uniforms and boots.
mont (2012-01-14)
it would have been interesting to see the truth serum applied on her.
Mat (2012-01-20)
Why bother? A waste of time.
mont (2012-01-21)
It is better to have some fun with her.
Mat (2012-01-21)
What fun?
mont (2012-01-21)
She looks good for playing and experimenting. What may be other ideas for her?
DAVE (2012-02-19)
Ive just read through this entire list of reasons for killing her or not, the fact remains she was trying to escape and raise the alarm, admittedly it would have been better if the other girl had killed her as she was facing her and to be honest it was slightly non-sensical that a seasoned agent hesitated to shoot or was too slow and then later proved she was really an accomplished killer with an mp40, but thats Hollywood for you
Tod (2012-02-19)
It was dangerousto let her escape, but maybe there were other solutions to stop and disable her, without need to kill her.
Carl (2012-03-02)
As she comes to face Mary Ure in the doorway with her gun, Olga Lowe is raising her hands up, and is shot in the back at the moment she was about to surrender. Sad. But the monment she panicked and mtried to run, her life was in the balance.
Ros (2012-03-03)
I think she was ready to attack, not to surrender. When she is shot, she positions her arms to stop her falling down, but the shot is precise, and the wound is lethal.
Carl (2012-03-08)
Her arms are up to surrender before she is shot. It was a split second action but she died.
Kol (2012-03-09)
Obviously, the bitch was too late in becoming calm and cooperative. Maybe she needed some of her "medicaments" to act better.
TheDellanator (2012-03-18)
She sounds like a man
2000toddowen (2012-03-18)
Her death looks so cruel. Shot to death for looking like a Bavarian sow instead of some Alpine beauty. Script writers can be so heartless at times.
Anton (2012-03-21)
Bavarian Sow!!! I like that
Bill (2012-04-11)
She was a member of the SS. She deserved no mercy. She deserved to suffer.She deserved to die.
Arem (2012-04-12)
As a woman, she deserves a mercy, or at least more imagination in finding a proper punishment for her.
Aaron (2012-07-27)
The evil creature got what she deserved.
Mike (2012-08-14)
Not so much to see or notice, even for those who like women in uniforms.
Kosta (2012-10-07)
But looks good to ravish in those boots and those legs and round full arse. Va va voom!
Rich (2012-10-07)
And what an arse!
Lon (2012-10-08)
She only falls down too quickly and too quietly when she is hit.
James (2012-12-04)
Fine figure of a woman, with her tight skirt setting off her shape!
GasperGirl (2012-12-08)
The first time I saw this female nazi, I thought she was wonderfully evil. She had her black hair tied neatly, dark eyes, a thin cruel mouth and beautiful arched pencil thin eye brows. When there is a stand-off with lots of guns around, this despicable bitch tries to escape! She gets halfway to the door when a single silenced shot thuds into the small of her back. Her arms are thrown upwards and she falls to the floor face down. I still fantasise about that scene to this day.
Kooshmeister (2012-12-29)
Her surname is only Schwartz in the novel. In the movie, von Hapen introduces her as Lt. Kernitser.
Arri (2013-01-17)
She is also blonde in the novel and described as a pin up girl of the Third Reich. The film version is no pin up!
Flint (2013-01-18)
Anne-Marie is in the book portrayed as much younger and much more attractive. And she is not killed - just knocked down by Mary. Authors of the movie made her so that she may be sacrificed without pity.
Sam (2013-08-20)
What a witch.
Barrie (2013-08-30)
She can heat my pot at any time!
Sam (2013-08-31)
She seems to be too cold.
Erik (2014-06-20)
A bullet in the back in that position would enter the lung and likely to exit injuring Mary Ellison. Would have made better sense to shoot Anne Marie in the leg to stop her, and then deal with her.
Don (2014-06-23)
A shot in the leg could cause Anne-Marie screaming and making too much noise. In fact, she was about to start screaming or yelling when the gun was pointed to her. So shot in the back, from an appropriate angle, was the best solution. Silencer neatly silenced her.
Vlad (2014-06-24)
I agree with Erik. Safest shot to safe guard Mar Ellison was to shoot Anne marie in the leg and then kill her quickly with a second shot.
Mik (2014-06-24)
A knife would have been the best solution.
Baz (2014-07-23)
Completely impractical in situation. But pity to kill her though.
Derek (2014-07-24)
Good solution for her. She did not suffer at all, she was only a bit scared during last moments of her life.
Fan (2018-01-31)
Good combination. Evil woman, cruelty, murderous, attempted escape, and a deserved death.
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