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Major William Wilner
Major Wilner is Field Marschal Kesselring's chief of intelligence. Judging from his reaction when getting waked up in the middle of the night, he is a friendly, helpful and warm person outwards, but privately he is rather cold and judging.

Name: William Wilner
Rank: Major
Nationality: German
Actor: Guy Deghy
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 01:27: (In his bedroom)

Wilner used to be a teacher.

Major Wilner's role in the picture is slightly cut down. In the novel, Smith and Kramer ventilate a lot "those were the days"-memories about him, but that is definitely a part of the novel you would be happier without. It really doesn't matter if Wilner was the favorite teacher of Smith and Kramer - it just feels like plot-twist overkilling by Alistair MacLean. So his appearance in the picture is actually better than the same part in the novel. And Guy Deghy surely looks like the "kind grandfather"-like character described in the novel.

Favourite Scene
Major William Wilner: Major Wilmer speaking. Ja, colonel.
Colonel Paul Kramer: Can you describe him?
Major William Wilner: That will not be necessary. Ask him to show you his right forearm.
Colonel Paul Kramer: May I see your right forearm.
Major John Smith: Certainly.
Major William Wilner: There are two parallel scares about three centimeters apart.
Colonel Paul Kramer: The scares are there.
Major William Wilner: Ask, how did he get them.
Colonel Paul Kramer: How did you get those?
Major John Smith: I was born with them.
Colonel Paul Kramer: He says he was born with them.
Major William Wilner: That is right. So tell him he's a traitor.
Major John Smith: Tell him he's a renegade.
Major William Wilner: [laughing] Yaah, that is Schmidt, no question about it.
Colonel Paul Kramer: Thank you, major.
Major William Wilner: Thank you Colonel and good night.
[Wilner turns to his serving officer.]
Major William Wilner: Give me the water!

User Comments:

Gert (2008-05-06)
I'm pretty sure his name is WILHELM Wilner
Johnny (2008-05-06)
I'm pretty sure his name is WILHELM Wilner
Implacabile (2011-01-24)
Yes. Willy-Willy.
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