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Captain German Officer I
This character is unnamed both in the movie and in the novel. He is a captain in the German alpine corps, and in the novel he is desribed as a gangling young man and a typical Hitler Jugend type, and he behaves military correct.

Role: German Officer I
Rank: Captain
Nationality: German
Actor: John Heller
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 00:34:06 (Talking to Smith at Zum Wilden Hirsch)

Favourite Scene
[At the gasthaus Zum Wilden Hirsch, Heidi slaps Smith in his face and stomps away.]
Captain German Officer I: Major, your conduct does not become an officer of the Wehrmacht.
Major John Smith: Herr Major when you talk to me. Major Bernd Himmler. Does that name mean anything to you? I advise you to mind your own business in the future. Is that understood?
[Smith leaves the table.]

User Comments:

Enrico (2003-02-13)
In the movie this officer is a Major. You will recognize it because of the epaulettes.
maciek (2005-05-30)
Yes this officer holds the rank of major
Viggen (2006-01-25)
yup he's a major allright.....
I haf to admit it, that was wery cunning of Col. Smith posing fore Himmler brother.
gman (2009-05-20)
He also plays the german officer in kellys heroes
Implacabile (2011-01-24)
But in the book he is a captain, isnt he?
clesca (2011-03-02)
...i didnt know this many people have seen the movie
vince (2011-05-27)
Exactly, you think a Captain would question a Major on his conduct? They were at least of equal rank >
Ondra (2012-10-31)
As mentioned many times above, this officer is definitely a major.
Kooshmeister (2012-12-30)
Same actor played the German lieutenant at the minefield in Kellys Heroes.
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