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Sky Tram Operator
Role: Sky Tram Operator
Nationality: German
Actor: Philip Stone
Role description:Glance
First appearance: 00:45:4 (Cable Car Control Room)

Favourite Scene
[von Hapen calls the upper cablecar station.]
Sky Tram Operator: Yes?
Major von Hapen: Major von Hapen.
[The Sky Tram Operator looks shocked.]
Sky Tram Operator: Yes, sir!
[The operator starts the cablecar.]

User Comments:

Davide (2004-04-05)
The human side of the German Army...
Mikael S. (2010-01-23)
Philip Stone - wonderful actor. Starred in the episode of YES, MINISTER wher the Minister gets elected Prime Minister. He also played the butler in THE SHINING.
Vincent (2010-03-25)
Why did he look shocked?
Kerheela (2011-10-30)
Vincent, he looked shocked because Von Hapen represtend the top Gestapo agent in the Schloss Adler, and after delaying his phone call the idea of gestapo torture probably entered his mind momentarily.
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