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Airport Control Officer
He only appears twice in the movie and is killed the second time.

Role: Airport Control Officer
Nationality: German
Actor: Ernst Walder
Role description:Glance
First appearance: 02:17:47 (In the Airfield Control Tower)

Favourite Scene
[The plane lands at Oberhausen airfield. In the same moment, the bus starts and speeds over the field. German soldiers start shooting at the bus. The airport control officer starts the alarm.]
Airport Control Officer: Flottilj 126. Oberhausen airfield. Over. Flottilj 126. Over.
Major John Smith: Get the control tower.
[Schaffer and Mary shoot at the airport control tower and the officer inside is killed.]

Favourite Line
[Our heroes airplane is on its way to the Oberhausen airfield.]
WingCommander Cecil Carpenter: Oberhausen control tower. Oberhausen control tower.
Airport Control Officer: Oberhausen control. Over.
WingCommander Cecil Carpenter: I'm in serious trouble. Request aided permission to land. Over.
Airport Control Officer: Identify. Over.
WingCommander Cecil Carpenter: Lieutenant Ulrich. On night navigation and excercise. One engine loosing altitude. Over.
Airport Control Officer: You're clear for immediate landing. Over.
WingCommander Cecil Carpenter: Coming in. Over and out.

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Viggen (2006-01-25)
His scream when he dies is funnt as hell!
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