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German Radio Operator II
This character also appears in the novel. In the novel Schaffer ties him up, in the movie Smith shoots him.

Role: German Radio Operator II
Nationality: German
Actor: Richard Beale
Role description:Glance
First appearance: 01:39: (In the Funkraum)

Favourite Scene
[German Radio Operator are sitting listening to music on the radio when Smith and Schaffer enters the radio room. Schaffer prepares to sneak upon him with his knife, but he notices and presses the red alert button. Then he is shot dead by Smith. ]

User Comments:

maciek (2005-05-30)
Why couldint they have shot him in the first place. The gun had a silencer
Ian (2008-09-24)
The reason they don't shoot the radio opperator is,the bullet might pass through his body and hit the radio.As we know Smith needs the radio to organise their escape.
gerry (2010-05-13)
what is the piece of music playing
Franklin Henson (2012-11-02)
The Stunt Man playing the German Radio Operator 2 Is Frank Henson I know this becose hes my Father and we still have the call sheet to prove it. Frank is still working on Films most recent Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows. Masny thanks Franklin Mark Henson
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