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Young German Soldier
Role: Young German Soldier
Nationality: German
Actor: Nigel Lambert
Role description:Glance
First appearance: 00:59: (Glancing at Heidi)

Favourite Scene
[Heidi arrives at the ground station with the cable car. She steps out of the cable car, and walk down the stairs. A young German soldier comes out of his door as Heidi passes. He looks after her with a big smile on his face.]

User Comments:

Dobbo (2003-11-07)
Is this actually Major Von Harpen?
Davide (2004-04-05)
He has a good eye...
alan giles (2005-01-22)
again great casting, really really look german...!!!!!!
julien (2005-12-17)
is he von harpen the descreption makes it seem like he is
Viggen (2006-01-25)
If this isn't Von Hapen then it got to be his twin!
hugo (2011-07-25)
Oh Shut Up! about what he looks like!!!! hes still in the SS
ondra (2012-09-25)
He doesn´t look like von Hapen at all!
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