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German Officer III
Role: German Officer III
Nationality: German
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 00:00: (Lower Cable Car Station)

User Comments:

alan giles (2005-01-22)
cool as you like when he tells his men to load and then to open fire on the cable car, so slick the order to open fire he did not even have to shout to grab yor attention...
alan giles (2005-02-14)
loks a real eviel nazi ba****d
Ondra (2012-09-25)
Does anyone know anything about him?
Danno (2012-11-03)
I think he also appears up in the castle square (not long before the lower cable-car shot!),leading a group of soldiers when the confusion is taking place.
Jorgen (2012-11-22)
He is one of very few germans who actually talk german to the other germans in the whole movie.
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