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Mary Ellison
Mary Ellison is perhaps the most important person of the team. Her mission is to get inside the castle incognito, and make it possible for the others to get in as well. This means a lot of suffering for her, nevertheless because she mostly has to make it alone in the cold wheather of the Bavarian alps. But she is a tough woman and she has got quite a will of her own. Her only weakness is her love to Major Smith - she would do anything for him. Which, of course, comes in handy as the operation carries on.

Name: Mary Ellison
Nationality: British
Actor: Mary Ure
Role description:Major role
First appearance: 00:08:54 (In the Airplane)

Mary Ellison is from somewhere in England, perhaps from Wales as Smith. She is an agent and a spy in the Brittish Secret Service. Mary was one of the few agents that vice admiral Rolland had confidence in, and so she was brought back from Italy, together with Smith, in favor for this mission.

Mary Ellison is one of the best characters in this film. This is the only film, as far as we know, where a woman uses an automatic gun without looking confused. She is a strong woman with a great will and great self confidence. If Smith behaves shabbily to her she doesn't care, she believes in herself.

Favourite Scene
Major John Smith: Take your clothes off.
Mary Ellison: But I...
Major John Smith: Don't argue. Take. Your. Clothes off.
[Smith starts kissing Mary. Mary agrees.]
Major John Smith: Relax. I didn't mean it that way. You're going up to the castle tonight as... well... yes as a domestic.
Mary Ellison: How? Naked?
Major John Smith: Not a bad idea, but a bit too obvious.

Favourite Line
[Smith steps into the stable. He hears the click of a gun.]
Mary Ellison: Halt! Turn around...
[Smith turns around, slowly. Mary recognizes him.]
Mary Ellison: You took your time getting here, didn't you?

User Comments:

Dobbo (2005-08-19)
Does her hair move at all throughout the film?
Matthias (2006-01-14)
A face of an angel... didn't she have? Eyes to fall into, too. And a smile, the few times she shows, to melt the ice and snow around, it it would mind... So sad she went already; where..?! To her fellow angels, I am sure.
cappopper (2006-12-04)
she ain't no wussy girl! most incredible eyelashes i've ever seen if natural.
laddiebuck (2008-10-01)
Dobbo: yes, usually when outside. See for example when they are escaping and are on the roof of the cable-car terminal, the hair is blown around her face very prettily. I agree completely with Matthias. She is very beautiful; and I am glad MacLean wrote her an intelligent and strong and vital part in the film. It was a delight to watch her.
Zrem (2009-08-28)
Very cool.
shocktrooper 1985 (2009-10-20)
When I first saw her as a boy I was in love instantly. I knew then and there that I prefered blondes. I ended up marrying a gorgeous blonde and have been for the last 23 years. What a waste for Mary to go out so soon. I just discovered her passing today! I am truley sad about it,what an angel.
hunter (2010-03-20)
mary is the the best actress here tough with guns love this woman.
Barry B (2011-03-06)
Mary has always been my favorite!
skygod  (2012-01-15)
Glasgow lass done well.
rob 590 (2013-09-03)
beautiful without a doubt but easily the worst actress in the film, she says her lines with all the skill of a child in a nativity play, seems as though she is reading them off idiot boards :(
Dannyboy (2013-10-06)
Must have taken her half the time she was in the castle to do her hair and put on those eyelashes and eye mascara - very sixties (lol). But who cares in Where Eagles Dare.!
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