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Helicopter Pilot
Role: Helicopter Pilot
Nationality: German
Role description:Glance
First appearance: 00:00: (On the Courtyard)

User Comments:

John (2003-09-26)
There was no helicopters in the ww2.
Dominique Giuliani (2003-12-21)
I think no helicopter exist during WWII.
krill (2004-04-04)
I have to add yes there where German helicopters during ww2, but saw a very very limited service , the raid to free the Duce was suppossed to be by helecopter but due to previous accident was launched by familiar means, ie by German para-troops helecoptors where too little too late. krill
GERT (2005-10-12)
Too bad he got killed, he looks so old and king
Eric Sommers (2006-08-06)
The Germans did use helicopters during WWII, The German Focke-Wulf Fw 61 was the first production fully controllable helicopter that flew in 1936. The FW-61 broke all world records by 1937. Nazi Germany used the helicopter in combat during WWII in small numbers, mostly to pick up downed pilots on the eastern front. Models such the Flettner FL 282 Kolibri were used in the Mediterranean Sea. This craft does look similar to the one used in the film.
Eric Sommers (2006-08-06)
Gen. Rosemayer to Col. Kramer: "You like my machine?" Truly the man treats the helico[pter as a novelty, which during the war it was.
neil (2007-01-02)
The helicopter pilot looks remarkably like stuntman, Bill Sawyer.
According to Peter Mullins, they were going to use an auto gyro, but could not obtain one to film...hence the helicopter`s appearance..
Evensen (2008-03-03)
The helicopter in the movie is a Bell HTL-4. American heli used during the korean war.
Grommo (2008-03-30)
watch video of real German WW2 Helicopters on Youtube in a vid called "Where eagles Dare, the real ww2 german helicopter".
Mikael S. (2010-01-23)
>>>Neil: It IS probably Bill Sawyer, since he was working in this film. Funny that many coment the helicopter; I was wondering if anyone seen/know WHO the pilots was in this film? At least one helicopter- & two plane pilots was used.
Ondra (2012-09-25)
Nazi had 44 helicopters at the time.
JaBoiiiLou (2014-04-21)
Yurtithy needs to smile when she takes a picture,js
JaBoiiiLou (2014-04-21)
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