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German Soldier
Role: German Soldier
Nationality: German
Role description:Glance
First appearance: 00:00: ()

Favourite Scene
[Smith and Schaffer are prisoners and are transported in a car.]
[Smith and Schaffer got eyecontact in the rearview.]
[Schaffer bends down to his shoes.]
German Soldier: Halt!
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: It's just my shoelaces.
[Schaffer pushes the soldier out threw the door.]
[Schaffer shots the driver.]
[The car goes into a skid and collides with a stone.]
[Weissner dashes ou threw the frontwindow.]
[Only Smith and Schaffer survives the collision.]

User Comments:

Mikael S. (2010-01-23)
He looks like a young John Hannah.
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