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German Officer V
Role: German Officer V
Nationality: German
Actor: Derek Newark
Role description:Glance
First appearance: 00:00: ()

Favourite Scene
Major John Smith: Get Thomas out of there. Quickly!
[Smith throws out a rope. Thomas gets pushed before Smith.]
Major John Smith: Climb down! CLIMB DOWN!!
[Thomas is forced to climb down the rope. Schaffer arrives.]
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Grenades.
[Everybody get out of the room. Grenades explode, and German officers enter the room they just left. An officer immediately discovers someone is climbing down the rope, looks out and sees Thomas.]
German Officer V: Korpral!
[The officer shoots Thomas, who falls down...]

User Comments:

R.W. (2002-11-03)
German Officer 5 actually has a bigger role than most people think because he appears from the stairway scene all the way to the scene when he bursts into the upper cable car room.
Patrick Nolan (2003-08-29)
This German Officer is an english actor called Derek Newark. He has starred in may TV sitcoms, one of the most memorible roles he played was 'Spooner' in the Rising Damp series.
Viggen (2006-01-25)
I recognize this guy.......from where??
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