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German Radio Operator I
Role: German Radio Operator I
Nationality: German
Actor: Jack Silk
Role description:Glance
First appearance: ()

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Mikael S. (2010-01-23)
Another stuntman known from the James Bond films. Often used by Bob Simmons in the sixties.
Damian (2010-03-21)
Good stuntman
Derek Lyons (2011-01-27)
Hi There, This is Terence Mountain and not Jack Silk! Terence is my friend of mine and I am an Actor too! Could you please change this All good wishes Derek
Simon (2011-12-10)
Jack Silk from Hertfordshire, England, was also a motorcycle stuntman, and assisted with many of the motorbike and sidecar stunts in the film. He had various roles and was also the German officer (with spectacles), that walks through the tripwire, detonating the bomb in the shed in the town.
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