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Vice Admiral Rolland
Vice Admiral Rolland is a fatherly character, but not the strict type. He is very concerned about his part of the organisation, and everyone part of it. He wants to relate to his men, and is polite and frank with them. And he doesn't send the group out on what might be a suicide mission cold-blooded. But suspecting a few goafers in the organisation, Rolland knows perfectly well that what's got to be done has to be done. At any cost.

Name: Rolland
Rank: Vice Admiral
Nationality: British
Actor: Sir Michael Hordern
Role description:Major role
First appearance: 00:04:36 (Briefing the mission)

Sir Michael Hordern, with his very Brittish accent and manners, is great as Admiral Rolland. Maybe he brings a little too much of a heart to the character. This Admiral Rolland is probably very easy to talk to about personal problems, not as stiff and ordering in his tone as many other movie Generals/Admirals tend to be. He is the expecting type, not the ordering, and that is his strength and authority. Another negative thing about the picture's Admiral Rolland is that it may not be obvious to everyone that *this* is Admiral Rolland.

Favourite Scene
[When Rolland explains for Sergeant Harrod and the rest of the team what is so important about American General George Carnaby.]

Favourite Line
[During the mission brief.]
Colonel Wyatt Turner: No more questions I take it?
Sergeant George Harrod: Yes, sir. Begging the Colonel's pardon, sir. What's all this about? I mean, why is this man so damned important?!
Colonel Wyatt Turner: That will do, Sergeant. You have all the information you require.
Vice Admiral Rolland: I think that if we are sending a man to what may be his death, Colonel, he has the right to know why...

User Comments:

Paddington Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!
cappopper (2006-12-04)
admiral rolland's character is so laid back and cool, you can't help but like him, suicide missions nonetheless.
Nick (2012-10-06)
Fave line: there are
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