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Colonel Wyatt Turner
Colonel Turner is, opposite from Rolland, a strict and cold-blooded character. There is no doubt about his professionality, and he is the perfect stereotype of a movie officer in command. He expects nothing but the best from his men, and is definitely demanding in his ways.

Name: Wyatt Turner
Rank: Colonel
Nationality: British
Actor: Patrick Wymark
Role description:Major role
First appearance: 00:03:54 (Briefing the mission)

Colonel Turner spent the years 1940-43 in Germany, first in the Wehrmacht - and after a while he managed to penetrate the General Head Quarters in Berlin. It's said he knew Hitler quite well. Rolland considers him the best agent in the organisation.

Patrick Wymark fullfills and even magnifies all sides of Colonel Turner. Both good and bad. He does a brilliant impression.

Favourite Scene
[The end scene! :-) ]

Favourite Line
Colonel Wyatt Turner: It looks is that you«re right, sir.
Vice Admiral Rolland: Yes, I'm afraid so. Who's next I wonder. Smith himself perhaps.
Colonel Wyatt Turner: No, I doubt that. Some people have a sixth sence. He has a sixth as an seven to a eight. He«s our best agent.
Vice Admiral Rolland: Except your self.

User Comments:

DrShot (2004-12-04)
Certainly one of the best 'exits' from a movie. how does that go.... 'do I have any options'
cappopper (2006-12-04)
colonel turner's best acting is not a line, but a look or exceedingly hauntingly expression of "i'll see you in hell" just before jumping from the open door of the junker.
der figanstein (2010-03-21)
wow that was a tight thing to do. he was quite important, and knew hitler well. there was no bother to even think of executing him, just interrogate him. no point in letting him kill himself, he could have been useful.
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