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General George Carnaby
Carnaby/Jones is tough, and not much can make him betray his country. And when he knows whom to trust in this mixed-up mission, he shows what a good soldier he is.

Name: George Carnaby
Rank: General
Nationality: American
Actor: Robert Beatty
Role description:Important role
First appearance: 01:16:04 (In the Golden Hall)

You don't get to know much about his background, except that General Carnaby is one of the heads of the American High Command, and without him it could mean no second front for the allies this year.

We also get to know that his alias Cartwright Jones was a second rate actor before the war.

Since Carnaby's role isn't very big, not much can be said about Robert Beatty's performance. But it ain't bad, and Beatty shows the right and suspected expressions of his character.

Favourite Line
Colonel Paul Kramer: What do you take us for? You will also of course be reporting the unfortunate demise of major Smith.
Olaf Christiansen: Is he... dead?
Colonel Paul Kramer: We are not quite sure. It's being looked into right now.
Reichmarshal Julius Rosemeyer: Please, remember the important issue.
Colonel Paul Kramer: Yes, I think the situation has changed officially for you to give us the imformation we've been asking for.
General George Carnaby: Nothing's changed, Colonel.
Colonel Paul Kramer: Most unfortunate...

User Comments:

cappopper (2006-12-04)
although he is not granted deserved respect in the movie, actually to voluntarily become a POW in a fortress, and trust rescue, takes more balls than any other role in WED. think about it!
laddiebuck (2008-10-01)
Although it does take the most balls to accept that mission, I think Smith outdoes it when he goes on despite all the odds against him (with my favourite line: \"You must be joking. Over and out.\").
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