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Olaf Christiansen
In the picture, Christiansen appears to be "the bright one" of the men following Smith and Schaffer - and he is doubtlessly the one who makes the trio stay in the story's foreground through the whole picture.

Name: Olaf Christiansen
Nationality: British
Actor: Donald Houston
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 00:03: (In the airplane)

Christiansen's character in the picture differs much from the novel, where Berkeley (or Carraciola) is the self-proclaimed leader of the trio. And comparing Donald Houston's impression with the Christiansen in the novel, will leave you awfully disappointed. In the novel, Christiansen is described as "a blonde, flaxen-haired first cousin of Leif Ericsson", to mention one thing that absolutely doesn't fit in on the Brittish Donald Houston. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Houston has talent as an actor.

Favourite Scene
[In the cable car station.]
Major John Smith: Schaffer? Schaffer?!
Olaf Christiansen: We've got him, Smith!! Tell you what, Smith, I'll make a deal with you: you let us go down in the car, and we won't kill Schaffer.
[Christiansen waits for an answer.]
Olaf Christiansen: SMITH!!!

Favourite Line
[During the mission brief.]
Olaf Christiansen: There is of course another way, sir. A way with a hundred percent guarantee of success.
Colonel Wyatt Turner: Neither Admiral Rolland nor I claim to be omnissiant or infallible. Is there an alternative that we've missed?
Olaf Christiansen: Whistle up a Pathfinder squadron of Lancasters with ten ton bombs. I don't think anybody in that castle will ever talk again.

User Comments:

Eivind Jacobsen (2002-11-20)
hi. i wonder... is "olaf christiansen", from NORWAY, 'cause OLAF is a norwegian name
zt99 (2003-01-26)
"Olaf Christiansen: If we set up a path, find a squadron of Lancasters with ten ton bombs. I don't think anybody in that castle will ever talk again." Your transcript of the film is a little out here - the actual line is: "Whistle up a Pathfinder squadron of Lancasters"... Whistle up, i.e. summon or organise, a Pathfinder squadron - the so-called 'Pathfinder' squadrons were night-bombing experts, drawn from the best pilots in the Air Force - of Lancasters. Hope that helps, zt99
watchin_right_now (2004-04-04)
btw the word you're looking for is "omniscient" meaning "all-knowing"
Col Watts (2005-12-04)
This guy's acting is great when he first sees Smith come into the great hall. Just look at the expression on his face when he thinks he's been found out! Priceless!
This movie is such a legend ,what a find, to come across this website dedicated to the the subject in its entirety!
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