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Ted Berkeley
Ted Berkeley is called Edward Carraciola in the novell. There he is described as a highly intelligent person.

Name: Ted Berkeley
Nationality: British
Actor: Peter Barkworth
Role description:Small role
First appearance: 00:03:05 (In the airplane)

The Ted Berkeley of the picture isn't a very important character, much less than what he is in the novel where he's the given leader of the soldiers following Smith and Schaffer. If you know his character from the novel, you probably feel that he should have gotten a bit more attention than what he does. But if you don't, Ted Berkeley is a character you won't care much for as an individual - he is only one of the trio we get to know as "Thomas-Berkeley-and-Christiansen".

Favourite Scene
[In the Golden Hall.]
Major John Smith: As a matter of fact, I think the drugs will probably work better on our friends at the end of the table. They are the real enemies, General.
[Berkeley flies up from his chair.]
Ted Berkeley: Don't listen to him gentlemen, it's a bluff!
Major John Smith: Keep quiet!

User Comments:

Ian (2004-03-21)
I'd say the best scene is when Smith burys an ice axe in his arm.
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