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The story takes place during WWII. A British aircraft has been shot down and crash landed in the southern part of Germany. The nazis has captured the only survivor, a certain General George Carnaby of the General High Command in the US Army, and has taken him to the Schloß Adler - the SS headquarters in the area. For the nazis, the General is a very valuable source for information on the war strategies of the allied troupes.

The best way to deal with the problem would be to bomb the castle, and so silence the General for good and maybe get a couple of key nazis at the same time. This cannot be done however, for the General is even more important than the nazis might think - the loss of him would mean no second front for the allied that year! Besides, no plane can get near the castle without permission before it gets shot down. The solution is to send a squad to the area that can infiltrate the castle and get the General out before they force him to talk. Seven agents are very utterly picked for the mission. The leader of the squad will be Major John Smith, with the assistance of Lieutenant Morris Schaffer, who is a trained ranger of the US Army.

The plan, however, gets jeopardized already when the team has landed in the area. When the parachutes are burried, it appears the radio operator has been murdered, and it soon becomes clear that no one can be trusted...