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Nosher Powell
Occupation: Stunts
Also: Actor
Birthdate: August 15, 1928
Birthplace: Camberwell, London, England, UK

Selected Films
Guns of Navarone, The - 1961
From Russia With Love - 1963
Goldfinger - 1964
Thunderball - 1965

Dirty Dozen, The - 1967
You Only Live Twice - 1967
School for Sex - 1968
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - 1969

Where Eagles Dare - 1969
Diamonds Are Forever - 1971
Venom - 1971
On the Buses - 1971

Nearest and Dearest - 1972
Alf Garnett Saga, The - 1972
Live and Let Die - 1973
Love Thy Neighbour - 1973

Mackintosh Man, The - 1973
Carry on Dick - 1974
Brannigan - 1975
Star Wars - 1977

Superman - 1978
Flash Gordon - 1980
If You Go Down in the Woods Today - 1981
Victor/Victoria - 1982

Krull - 1983
My Beautiful Laundrette - 1985
Eat the Rich - 1987
Willow - 1988

User Comments:

Samuel J.Samkin (2004-03-31)
I was amazed at how many films Nosher Powell has worked on as a stuntman (and most of which he wasn't credited). He has had quite a remarkable career. I looked at the full list of films he'd worked as a stuntman on the Internet Movie Database and I was so amazed. As an actor,however,I've only seen him in Eat the Rich(1987) in which he came across as a cockney hardman in the position as the "Home Secretary". I think Nosher is probably,if not,one of the most prolific stuntmen in the British film industry.
chris barton (2006-02-21)
i met nosher while on set making a TV add a few years as ago, and chated for a few hours,,, what a nice bloke
Mikael S. (2010-01-23)
HE has written an autobiography. Get that one, if you can. It´s VERY amusing.
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