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Colonel Wyatt Turner: Anyway here he is. In a town called Werfen, at the Schloss Adler, the Castle of Eagles. And believe me it«s wellnamed, cause only an eagle can get to it.

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Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Somebody got to be crazy.
Major John Smith: Hmm
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Just how do your Colonel expects anyone to get in there.
Major John Smith: I suppose he feels that if he could penetrate the German Highcommand there's no reason why we should have any difficulty getting up there.
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: He did what...?
Major John Smith: Colonel Turner spent the years 40 to 43 in Germany. First in the Wehrmacht and then finally in general headquarters in Berlin. They say he knew Hitler quite well.
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Yeah, I'll thought he looked little nuts...
Major John Smith: Yeah, he probably is...

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Major John Smith: Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Over.
British Radio Operator: Danny Boy Calling Broadsword. Father Macree is waiting.
Vice Admiral Rolland: This is father Macree Broadsword. What is your present position,plese? Over.
Major John Smith: Woods do west of castle. Desending at dusk. Harrod Dead. Over.
Vice Admiral Rolland: Was Harrod killed accidentely? Over.
Major John Smith: No. Over.
Vice Admiral Rolland: By ther Germans? Over.
Major John Smith: No. Time of next broadcast uncertain. Will you stand by? Over.
Vice Admiral Rolland: Colonel Turner and I will remain at headquarters till operation completed. Good luck.

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Colonel Wyatt Turner: It looks is that you«re right, sir.
Vice Admiral Rolland: Yes, I'm afraid so. Who's next I wonder. Smith himself perhaps.
Colonel Wyatt Turner: No, I doubt that. Some people have a sixth sence. He has a sixth as an seven to a eight. He«s our best agent.
Vice Admiral Rolland: Except your self.

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Mary Ellison: But I thought General Carnaby's plane crashed only yesterday morning?
Major John Smith: That was carefully arranged. The plane was crashlanded in Oberhausen military airfield about five miles from here. It was riddled with machine-gun holes. British machine-gun holes. But what the hell, a hole is a hole is hole, as they say.

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Major John Smith: That was quick.
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Fear lent him wings, as the saying goes.

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Colonel Paul Kramer: You will be back in Whitehall reporting general Carnaby's transfer to Berlin before you know it.
Lee Thomas: Back to London? Are you mad? Not with Smith and Schaffer still alive.
Colonel Paul Kramer: What do you takes us for? You will also of course be reporting the unfortunately demise of major Smith.

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Major John Smith: I advise you not to colonel. Well, gentlemen I'm very glad to see you all here safe and sound enjoying your drinks. I'm sorry to interupt you.

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Major William Wilner: Major Wilmer speaking. Ja, colonel.
Colonel Paul Kramer: Can you describe him?
Major William Wilner: That will not be necessary. Ask him to show you his right forearm.
Colonel Paul Kramer: May I see your right forearm.
Major John Smith: Certainly.
Major William Wilner: There are two parallel scares about three centimeters apart.
Colonel Paul Kramer: The scares are there.
Major William Wilner: Ask, how did he get them.
Colonel Paul Kramer: How did you get those?
Major John Smith: I was born with them.
Colonel Paul Kramer: He says he was born with them.
Major William Wilner: That is right. So tell him he's a traitor.
Major John Smith: Tell him he's a renegade.
Major William Wilner: [laughing] Yaah, that is Schmidt, no question about it.
Colonel Paul Kramer: Thank you, major.
Major William Wilner: Thank you Colonel and good night.
[Wilner turns to his serving officer.]
Major William Wilner: Give me the water!

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Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Second rate punk, ha?
Major John Smith: All I could think of from the spur of moment.
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Thanks! That even makes it worse.
Major John Smith: Sorry.

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Major John Smith: Lieutenant, in the next 15 minutes we have to create enough confusion to get out of here alive.
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Major, right now you got me about as confused as I ever hope to be.

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Major John Smith: But not as incredible as the one name that's missing from that list, colonel.
Colonel Wyatt Turner: What name is that, major?
Major John Smith: I have it in this notebok here in my pocket. Early tonight I show it to colonel Kramer. He agreed with me that this was the top German agent in Britain. It«s your name colonel. Don«t look so shocked.

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Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Was that it, major?
Major John Smith: Yes, that's it, lieutenant.
Lieutenant Morris Schaffer: Do me a favour, will you. Next time you have one of these things, keep it an all British operation.
Major John Smith: I'll try lieutenant.